AlzWIN – An Innovative Early Dementia and Cognitive Impairment Detection

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Seven Pointone received a worldwide recognized CES Innovation Awards Honoree for Alzwin. This cognitive impairment detector from a Korean startup is here to solve global problems. So what exactly is it, and how it works? Let’s find out in this article. 

Overview of Seven Pointone

Seven Pointone is an Ai healthcare company that focuses on cognitive issues. The company implements its unique techniques in various fields. Their digital technology ensures better human living and overall improved health. 

Researchers and experts behind Seven Pointone developed cutting-edge technology with the help of AI and VR. As a result, the tools they have makes lives better and more fulfilling. Their primary focus is on the cognitive impairments of humans. 

Seven Point has made several relations with other public and private entities. Moreover, the company has registered 9 patents for its AI technology healthcare system.  

One of their products, AlzWin, is an AI-powered application that detects dementia and other cognitive impairments in humans. Let’s take a closer look at what this product is about.

The CEO of Seven Pointone is Evan Lee, who said, “aging is a natural cause of life and is a global trend. With that, there is a risk of dementia which has become a global concern. However, 91% of older US citizens are suffering from Dementia without them even recognizing it. 

Even Lee understands that there is no accessible service or tool for detecting dementia. As a result, his vision to create AlzWin become prominent. He wants to make this product accessible and vital for anyone who to check his cognitive health. 

AlzWIN – An Early Detection Tool

AlzWin is a solution that helps you detect dementia and cognitive impairments by yourself. Moreover, it has an early detection feature allowing you to diagnose problems quickly. 

Using AlzWin is quick and easy as you only need to have the app on your smartphone. After that, the app’s main procedure is speaking to your smartphone.

The app analyzes and understands the pattern of your verbal fluency. After that, it detects any form of cognitive impairment within two minutes. In addition, it also analyzes your semantic memory to ensure any possibility of a cognitive issue.

With 12 years of research, the company can back all of its claims. Furthermore, they also have a patented algorithm that proves their efficiency and reliability. Lastly, publications, clinical trials, and other projects are a great source that improves their credibility. 

AlzWin is built to act as a regular assessment tool for cognitive health. It strives to be a great app that helps people understand their brains. Tracking cognitive impairment is crucial as it would help users seek early help.

AlzWIn, with its innovative creation, has received CES Innovation Award Honoree. It marks a big milestone for the company and gives the green light to its global expansion. 

Features of AlzWin

A powerful Ai tool for detecting Dementia has some amazing features you need to check out. Here are its features:

  1. Convenience

Users only have to provide verbal input for the app to detect any cognitive impairment. 

  • Ai-based

Medical strength requirement is not as intense as the app is heavily based on AI. Moreover, the AI tool allows you to test yourself or your friend anytime and anywhere.

  • Accessibility 

The app is easily accessible since you can install it on your smartphone, tablet, and smart home systems.

  • Traceability

Routine test store data from the tests, which makes them traceable.

  • Accuracy

The results and data shown by AlzWin are backed by a patented algorithm proven by three clinical pieces of research.

Wrapping Up

The company has successfully collaborated in various industries, including insurance, digital, government, etc. Furthermore, they are looking forward to creating a partnership with other companies. So with help from other companies, Seven Pointone can tackle this global problem effectively. 

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