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British M – Cult-Favorite Korean Hair Care Brand

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British M is a Korean hair care brand by celebrity hairstylists. Although the name makes you think that it must be a UK-based brand, it is the brainchild of Jung Moungsim, head hairstylist of Jenny House, and her team of head stylists. They are committed to innovative technology, safe ingredients, and functional quality features.

It is a cult favorite, and the brand is famous in tons of luxury and boutique hair salons in Seoul. It has been featured in many Korean beauty magazines. Its professional products are widely popular amongst the hairstylist community.

Brand Philosophy

Like any other beauty brand, the philosophy aligns with the Korean philosophy of ‘skin first.’ They have made products made with gentle and safe ingredients, so anything you put on your scalp and hair is safe. The brand believes that you should use low pH shampoos for healthy hair, products with organic ingredients and formulas free of paraben.

British M is dedicated to creating products through serious consideration and research about people’s needs. This will help in bringing out an individual’s individuality. Their brand slogan is ‘Discover Your Inner Style.’ Every product is functional, durable, and beautiful.

Organics Annatto Hair Oil

This has organic pumpkin seed and argan oil. It is a fast-absorbing oil that leaves your hair soft and silky without feeling heavy and greasy. It strengthens dry ends and protects your hair from UV damage. The scent is light and sophisticated with cedarwood, musk, and rose ingredients.

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Ethic Treatment

This hair treatment uses panthenol, shea butter, and pearl extract to moisturize the scalp. It is a nourishing treatment that includes keratin, argan and sunflower seed oil to strengthen hair follicles and shine the strands.

Ethic Shampoo

The British M shampoo uses ten plant-based ingredients to deeply clean the scalp, deliver intense moisture, and minimize hair loss. The shampoo has nourishing ingredients and antioxidants to strengthen your hair from root to tip. This makes your hair silky and shiny and easy to manage.

Organics Sea Salt Spray

Not all salt sprays are equal, and this one uses pure salt from the Andes and deep seawater from Uleung Island in Korea. The salt spray gives you dramatic volume and texture without drying your hair. It has 70% natural ingredients, including organic witch hazel, Camellia Sinensis leaf water, and green tea extract.

Organics Hydrate Hair Butter

It is a moisturizing hair product applied after shampooing thoroughly. It will instantly soften your hair, helped by shea butter and argan oil. This butter can revive dry and damaged hair strands.

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