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Ingredient Spotlight: Enzymes – Holy Grail K-Beauty Ingredient for Glowing Skin

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enzymes in k beauty

Enzymes in K-Beauty are perfect for refining skin texture, brightening skin, and soothing inflammation, all-in-one. Usually, exfoliation means physical scrubbing or using chemical exfoliators like hydroxy acids. With the introduction of enzymes in skin care, they have become a natural and effective alternative. 

How do Enzymes Work?

Enzymes in K-beauty products work by breaking down old cells on the surface of the skin. This way, you can achieve the much-coveted dewy glow. In short, as the dead cells are removed, the pores become unclogged, and new cells are revealed. The presence of newer cells implies that they can better absorb the K-beauty products giving you vibrant skin. 

Along with all this exfoliation, enzymes also speed up the cellular function and fight against free radicals, which protects the skin against environmental damage. 

Sources of Enzymes in K-Beauty Products

Enzymes in K-beauty are naturally sourced, and they come from varied botanical species. Some of the common ones include Bromelain (from pineapple juice), Papain (from papaya), Actinidin (found in banana, papaya, pineapple), and Ficin (from figs).

Are Enzymes Suitable for All Skin Types

As mentioned above, enzymes are gentle exfoliators compared to hydroxy acids (AHAs and BHAs) and physical scrubs. This is largely dependent on the concentration and the formulation of the beauty product. As it is a way of gentle exfoliation and skin brightening, enzymes are perfect for people with sensitive skin. For oily and acne-prone skin, more potent exfoliators are required like salicylic acid. 

In general, enzymes in products are ideal for those with sensitive, normal, or dry skin. 

Enzymes in K-Beauty Products

As we already know that K-beauty is all about organic and gentle skin care, it makes sense that there are enzymes in their formulations. Here are some of the best K-beauty products containing enzymes for exfoliation and skin brightening. 

#1 Erborian Milk & Peel Balm

It is a mild cleansing balm-to-oil K-beauty product whose formulation contains naturally-occurring enzymes and nutrient-rich sesame milk. It also has nourishing sunflower oil, and they all work together to refine your skin texture visibly. This cleansing balm hydrates as well as cleanses. Erborian Milk & Peel Balm can also help in pore tightening, and it promotes a radiant complexion. 

#2 Good (Skin) Days Prime Time Cleansing Toner

It is a hydrating and low pH cleansing toner whose formulation is enriched with maple extract. It also contains Damascus rose water, natural papaya, and pumpkin enzymes. The first two ingredients have skin softening and anti-inflammatory effects, respectively. The natural enzymes, on the other hand, help in gentle exfoliation and removal of skin impurities. 

#3 Saturday Skin Rub-A-Dub Refining Peel Gel

It is a unique exfoliator that isn’t a physical scrub or a chemical exfoliator. Saturday Skin Rub-A-Dub Refining Peel Gel is essentially a peel gel that can remove dead skin cells and other buildups with naturally occurring enzymes. The enzymes come from natural sources like papaya and pineapple. It also contains cellulose, which can brighten and smoothen your skin complexion. Along with all these ingredients, it has a proprietary peptide blend that boosts the renewal of skin cells for a youthful appearance. 

#4 Erborian Milk & Peel Mask

The Erborian Milk & Peel Mask is enriched with exfoliating enzymes and sesame milk that soften, nourish, and visibly smoothen the skin surface. It has a creamy formulation that can deliver deep hydration, and it can also revitalize a dull complexion. Using this nourishing mask weekly, you can attain a youthful and luminous glow along with improved skin texture and quality. 

#5 ROVECTIN Skin Essentials Activating Treatment Lotion

The major ingredients in this Neogen protection cream are rose and raspberry extracts. It has SPF 50 PA +++, which gives you complete protection against the harmful UV rays. Along with sun protection, this sunscreen also works as a fantastic moisturizer. It helps in nourishing the skin without leaving that greasy impression. It is suitable for normal to oily skin type, and you can wear it all day long.

These are some of the K-beauty products containing enzymes that can help in gentle skin exfoliation and brighten up the skin tone. 

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