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Revolutionizing Hair Care: Korean Startup WithBecon for Hair Loss Prevention

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Discover how Samsung’s subsidiary, WithBecon, transforms hair care with innovative, home hair care, and eco-friendly hair loss prevention solutions.

WithBecon, a subsidiary of Samsung, is revolutionizing hair care practices with its expert and eco-friendly hair loss prevention solutions. WithBecon provides various products, including shampoos, masks, and more, utilizing only premium ingredients to help consumers recover confidence in their hair. Let’s delve into WithBecon’s offerings and explore its unique features.

Overview of WithBecon

One of the spin-off businesses from Samsung’s C-Lab, WithBecon, is a South Korean beauty healthcare company. WithBecon, established in July 2019, is an investment made by Samsung and is committed to providing specialized care solutions, notably for hair loss. This innovative firm hopes to build enduring relationships with its clients by providing a thorough hair care regimen perfect for home hair care.

WithBecon utilizes specialized data analysis to evaluate various hair characteristics in just 5 seconds. It analyses moisture, hair odor, temperature, oil, dandruff, sensitivity, pore density, hair thickness, and hair volume. Thanks to this thorough investigation, they can customize their goods and advice to match each consumer’s unique demands. WithBecon makes sure that their hair care regimens are efficient and specifically customized to offer the best outcomes. The company is a dependable brand for anyone looking for a personalized and expert approach to hair loss prevention.

WithBecon stands apart from other hair care companies because of its dedication to client happiness and safety. Each of their products has received certification for its ability to relieve hair loss while being effective as a home hair care solution for hair loss. The company guarantees that its products are specifically formulated to address hair loss issues. Along with being made with eco-friendly components, WithBecon products have a 98% or higher Environmental Working Group (EWG) score.

Customers want trustworthy and high-quality hair care products. As a result, WithBecon focuses on creating products that ensure a positive bond between them and their customers. It eliminates dangerous components and follows the safety regulations of the USA, Europe, and Korea. WithBecon is a dependable alternative for anybody looking for professional hair loss prevention and care since it offers a broad selection of options that suit individual needs and has over 40 customized solutions accessible.

WithBecon Products:

This Samsung-backed company has some interesting hair care products. Check out some popular products from WithBecon’s catalog.

1. LeanOnMe Shampoo

LeanOnMe Shampoo from WithBecon is made to be your everlasting hair care partner and restore your daily confidence. This specialized seborrheic shampoo is a specialized hair care shampoo. It successfully fights hair loss. The formulation contains active ingredients that nourish your scalp and hair roots. Moreover, it has eco-friendly elements to provide your hair a nourishing and safe experience.

2. GiveMeWater Shampoo

WithBecon’s GiveMeWater Shampoo will give your hair the moisture it needs. This shampoo revitalizes and moisturizes your scalp and hair, leaving them feeling renewed and revitalized. It is enriched with important nutrients. It is the perfect option for individuals who are worried about hair loss because of its mild yet powerful recipe, which encourages healthy hair development.

3. BeConfident Shampoo

BeConfident Shampoo is revolutionary in the hair care industry. With an inventive approach to encourage hair development and strengthen hair follicles, this specialty shampoo is designed to address hair loss difficulties. Integrating this shampoo into your daily hair care regimen may restore your confidence and benefit from healthier, fuller-looking hair.

4. Hair Serum Ampoule

WithBecon offers the Hair Serum Ampoule to go along with their shampoo line. This potent serum’s vital vitamins and minerals stimulate the hair follicles and encourage healthy hair development. As a result of the serum’s ability to penetrate deeply into the roots, thanks to its lightweight and non-greasy nature, your hair will feel and look healthier than ever.


It’s safe to say that WithBecon covers all types of products related to hair and scalp. Customers will be amazed to see how many eco-friendly options they have at their disposal at this Korean hair care startup supported by Samsung. From Hair loss analysis to hair serum, WithBecon has it all. As a result, buyers can get full hair reparation in the comfort of their homes.

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