Rootonix Volume Booster – Smart Scalp Care Korean Device

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Rootonix Dr. Finger Volume Booster is an award-winning Korean tech innovation that can diagnose scalp conditions and prevent hair loss, offering inexpensive scalp care.

Maintain your beautiful youth with Rootonix’s Dr. Finger Volume Booster version 2.0. This scalp and hair loss prevention device is setting a new benchmark in the global hair market. With their honoree awards at CES, this product is worth checking out. 

Overview of Rootonix Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2018, Rootonix has come a long way and introduced many innovative products. Today we have the second iteration of Dr. Finger Volume Booster at our attention. This K-beauty tech innovation has also received CES 2023 Innovation Awards in Digital Health

Rootonix Co., Ltd is a South Korean-based homecare brand that makes products based on innovation and technology. The company aims to improve health through scalp care and hair loss prevention. 

Researchers at Rootonix are effective and high achievers who have discovered their own Rootonix technology. The company hopes this advanced technology will make them one of the best in the industry.

Rootonix’s hair and scalp health technology is prominent in the global hair market. They have already created a positive value about themselves in many countries. 

What is Dr. Finger Volume Booster Ver 2.0?

Dr. Finger Volume Booster is a device that diagnoses your scalp and provides the condition of your hair. It basically replaces expensive treatments that you do at the hospital and medical center. As a result, you can avoid getting any hair loss. 

It is a tiny device that anyone can use effortlessly. Moreover, it is lightweight and offers incredible features. Dr. Finger Volume Booster replaces heavier medical device that does the same. You can perform your own scalp diagnosis in the comfort of your home.

This device is backed by AI technology that inspects the condition of scalps. After that, providing valuable insights that eventually prevent hair loss. The results are accurate, and based on them, it provides customized solutions. Don’t worry; the product does not provide expensive treatments as its solutions. 

Other valuable features of Rootonix Dr. Finger Volume Booster are electroporation, massager, and LED treatment. Yes, all of this is in a single device, and you can simultaneously use them for personal treatment.

The electroporation is an upgrade from the previous version. Now the upgraded technology comes with a 300% increase in its absorption. Moreover, the massager comes with an intuitive finger head. As a result, you can perform a relaxing scalp massage easily. 

The vibration is also amazing in this product. It will significantly improve the blood flow around your head. With 9000 beats per minute, you can expect a proper diagnosis when performing a simulation of the scalp. Dr. Finger Volume Booster comes with three vibration modes for more versatility. 

What’s inside the box?

The box includes the main product, Volume Booster, and other accessories, such as an exclusive pouch and a USB cable for charging the device. 

How to use it?

Use the Volume Booster for only 10 minutes a day and not more than that for best scalp care. Use it regularly to see significant results. The company claims they have complicated four clinical tests on improving scalp.


There is no doubt that Dr. Finger Volume Booster is promising. It comes with amazing and practical features. On top of that, its main highlight, scalp-improving technology, is a significant innovation. It replaces bigger and heavier devices without compromising on what they offer. 

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