6 Essential Korean Apps for Families with Young Kids

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Raising young children in Korea presents unique challenges, especially for working parents. Engaging and educating kids can be challenging, and finding the right resources is crucial. This guide explores some top Korean apps designed to assist parents in playing, caring for, and educating their young kids effectively.

Korean Apps for Young Kids

Chai’s Play (차이의 놀이)

Chai's Play | Google Store
Chai’s Play | Google Store

Focusing on children aged 0 to 7, Chai’s Play provides daily updated play ideas based on the child’s age. Developed by educational experts, this app suggests age-appropriate games and offers mental and physical development guidance. Additionally, it provides childbirth and prenatal play tips, accessible via mobile app and website.

App: ioS / Android
Website: Chai’s Play

Kakao Kids (카카오키즈)

korean apps for families with young kids kakao kids
Kakao Kids | Google Store

Aimed at fostering future aspirations, Kakao Kids allows children to explore educational content based on their dream professions. It includes subjects like Korean, Math, Science, and English, sourced from renowned Korean educational institutions. The app also features a content lock for parental control and offline viewing capabilities.

App: ioS / Android
Website: Kakao Kids

Discovery of Play (놀이의발견)

korean apps for families with young kids discovery of play
Discovery of Play | Apple Store

As Korea’s leading kids’ platform, Discovery of Play offers a range of classes and activities. Launched by Woongjin ThinkBig, this app suggests various local weekend activities for families, from aquarium visits to water parks. It has rapidly grown in popularity, garnering over 400,000 members within a year and receiving accolades from Google Play.

App: ioS / Android
Website: nolbal

Momsitter (맘시터)

MOMSITTER korean apps for young kids
Momsitter | Apple Store

As a childcare time-sharing service, Momsitter connects parents with sitters. It caters to a broad age range of sitters, emphasizing qualifications and experience. The app is known for its affordability and includes a review system for sitters, allowing parents to make informed choices.

App: ioS / Android
Website: Momsitter

Noldam (놀담)

Noldam | Apple Store

The app Noldam stands out for its convenience and reliability, particularly popular among working parents. The app offers carefully screened sitters, ensuring safe and educational playtime for children. The service’s growing popularity is reflected in its increasing membership and high satisfaction ratings.

App: ioS / Android
Website: noldam

TODO English (토도영어)

korean apps for families with young kids todo english
TODO English | Apple Store

Addressing the demand for early English education, TODO English caters to 4 to 8-year-olds. The app makes learning English fun with a variety of games and activities. It informs parents with weekly learning reports and offers additional resources for a more comprehensive learning experience.

App: ioS / Android
Website: TODO English

In conclusion, these apps provide invaluable support for Korean families, helping to nurture, educate, and entertain young children. They represent a blend of innovation and care tailored to the needs of modern parenting.

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