Whosfan Village – A Space for Fans to Immerse in K-Culture

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An impressive K-pop fandom app that comes with an intuitive space for K-pop fans, Whosfan Village has become a vital part of all K-pop fans when it comes to identifying k-pop artists, charts and other things.


HANTEO first introduced Whosfan along with the Hanteo Chart at CES 2022, the largest consumer electronic show. The event was held in Las Vegas, and it represents technologies from all around the world. Ministry of SMEs and Startups and KISED selected HANTEO as a “Baby Unicorn Enterprise” after seeing its potential.

HANTEO global technological prowess has also received the Ministry of Science and ICT Award for the 2021 Data-Global overseas expansion. In the same year, they also won the Ministry of Science and ICT award for the 2021 SW High Growth Club 200. This award, in particular, promotes high-potential companies that have high growth in the future.

One of the officials from HANTRO GLOBAL claims that the company focuses on showing an excellent business model. Moreover, they are committed to showing such models of K-pop at international fairs. Apart from that, HANTEO Global will introduce vertical commerce business for K-pop and other new services.

The company was founded in 2018 and is an online store for music systems. It is located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea. As of 2022, they have raised a total of $430 from various sectors of investors. They have a patent which is about a music chart for copyright and a method for certifying products. 

What is Whosfan?

Whosfan village is a platform where Korean culture lovers come together and interact with each other. More importantly, they are able to immerse themselves in Culture that includes K-Pop which holds a prominent share. Other than that, food, fashion, beauty and hobbies are some other areas where Whosfan Village provides its services. Whosfan village is a global fandom platform where users can download its Android and Apple app from their respective app stores.

This O2O (online to offline) platform from HANTEO GLOBAL possesses a lot of valuable K-pop data. This is possible with the HANTEO GLOBAL partnering with various companies that collects massive music data worldwide. Moreover, there is artificial intelligence present to analyze and collect big data in music. As a result, HANTEO GLOBAL can include its primary service, which is the world’s first real-time music chart “Hanteo Chart.” On top of that, they have the Whosfan app. Moreover, they have subsidiary platforms like HATNEO news and Whosfan Café.

Thanks to Whosfan, there is a global event platform that enables voting based on blockchain. As a result, there is a large traffic that is seamlessly distributed by HATNEO’s processing technology. The company is able to produce global voting events with high traffic that are distributed properly. Moreover, the events held by HANTEO are based on blockchain.

Whosfan app has become an essential portal for K-pop fans to connect with their idol and K-Culture. Moreover, the company wants to create an effective way to connect offline events with the online market. As a result, users will be able to experience current events and get academy reservations.


Hanteo Global has immense potential with their use of big data to provide the ultimate voting platform for k-pop fans. The K-pop scene is dynamic, and plenty of new artists are emerging every time. The fans want to keep track of their favorite artists, and they can do it through Whosfan. 

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