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VINOIR: A green K-beauty brand made from wine-making waste extracts

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South Korean startup DECANT has been bio-recycling tens of millions of tons of wine-making by-products that were being wasted annually into high-value-added K-beauty products under the brand VINOIR.

VINOIR is a French compound word meaning black(NOIR) wine(VIN). VINOIR is an ethical upcycled vegan beauty brand that creates the new value of Wine Pomace. The company’s green beauty brand uses the power of wine pomace, a waste by-product of the wine-making process, that contains five times more abundant antioxidants than wine.

Pomace is a significant environmental threat because it produces carbon and acidifies soils. DECANT has researched and developed various upcycled beauty products that benefit skin and nature by reusing Wine Pomace. DECANT acquires pomace from wineries in Tasmania, Australia, and Bourgogne, France.

VINOIR K-beauty products have already established a presence on Amazon and are expected to grow worldwide. Check out the enriching VINOIR products made out of wine-making waste extracts. 


This skin toner, containing wine pomace extracts, is made with fine particles of Cica & Calamine powder. It helps to reduce the excess sebum that unclogs the skin pores. It leaves the skin clear and silky, moreover protects it from external wastes by its natural vitality.


The dense and smooth foam of Micellar Particles in the cleanser gently and thoroughly washes away the outer impurities deep inside the skin. Madecassoside and plant-based ingredients make sensitive skin calm and healthy without worries of irritations.


A multi-balm stick that contains Organic Wine extract and Vitamin C stands out for its intensive brightening and skin-condition-improving effect. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing antioxidant activity and simultaneously providing a whitening product and moisturizing care.

Vinoir k-beauty


A multi-balm stick from Vinoir K-beauty that contains Wine Pomace extract and vitamin C stands regenerates and repairs skin by protecting it from a prolonged harmful state of oxidative stress. It’s effective in having a natural glow and vibrant look. Melt the stick slightly with your fingertips and apply it to areas where you need natural radiance. The Balm Stick can be used for various parts, such as lips, cheeks and the skin around the eyes.


The rich nutrition of plant-based oil helps balance the skin’s natural oil and water level while delivering total hydration. The Wine Scrub Bar contains Centella Asiatica extract, which can soothe and calm the skin without worries of irritations. It contains scrub particles carefully selected from Wine Pomace, exfoliating uneven and rough skin gently and smoothly.

Vinoir k-beauty


Centella Asiatice extract and Tamanu Oil contained in the Vinoir K-beauty Cleansing Bar help soothe and calm the skin without worries of irritations. Organic Wine extracts, which boast a rich antioxidant effect, boost skin regeneration and rejuvenation, leaving it luminous and translucent. The cleansing bar is an acidic solid cleanser specially designed to deliver a gentle and thorough cleansing by balancing the skin’s natural oil and water level.

Vinoir k-beauty

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