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NONFICTION – South Korea’s Trendiest Beauty and Lifestyle Brand

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NONFICTION is a lifestyle beauty brand from Korea for the most honest version of you that is unaffected by social media fads and trends.

South Korea is an expert at coming up with trends related to beauty and fashion. One of the latest offerings from this country is the lifestyle brand called NONFICTION. This company believes in the concept of staying in touch with reality. Social media has created trouble for everyone, and false beauty standards are the new fad. They want to reconnect with originality through fragrances. Harnessing the power of scents, this company manufactures a range of skincare and beauty products. These will help you escape from the fake world. You can feel tranquil and peaceful with the ethereal scents from NONFICTION.


They believe in manifesting a unique mood for situations with their curated scents. This organization only works with the finest ingredients. Their motto is to make people lead a nonfiction lifestyle. Take a whiff of their perfumes and dive deep within yourself. They feel everyone has a story behind the images on Facebook and Instagram. Listen to your body and mind in the personal space manifested from their scents. NONFICTION wants you to create an identity of your own. They want to explore original stories and give them a voice. All products of this brand have one base message that is of illuminating oneself. Transparency and light find regular use in the brand’s designs, logos, and images. This light represents enlightenment and self-discovery.

They make five different varieties of scents with various combinations.

  • Santal Cream: This one comprises notes of sandalwood, fig, vetiver, ginger, and bergamot. With its woody fragrance, you feel the calm and serenity of a forest around you. The fresh cardamom in it also adds to uplifting your senses.  
  • Gentle Night: It comes in a small bottle and has notes of green tea, musk, cedarwood, moss, suede, and fig. Together, this combination gives a warm and neutral scent. This scent is powerful and instantly refreshes the senses. 
  • GAIAC Flower: This special smell is where dreams come true. Use it to get a whiff of oriental flowers with a slight brunt variation. It even has flavors of vanilla and amber. 
  • Forget Me Not: Citrus and black pepper are the stars of this fragrance, and it also has a combination of basil, gardenia, and amber. This particular scent is alluring and mysterious.
  • In The Shower: This fragrance is a fusion of bitter orange, patchouli, and Campari accord, making for a beautiful one. It is the personification of seasons and mesmerizing landscapes.

Products from NONFICTION

They have five products for every scent, as below:

Perfumes: All perfumes are portable and harness the various scents in the best possible manner. They are long-lasting and even come in gift boxes.

Body Care: The special body care creams are lightweight yet moisturizing. Along with the various scents, they contain oatmeal which acts as a soothing agent.

Hand Cream: They make these to give you baby-soft hands. These creams contain vitamin E and Shea butter, and these ingredients work to repair cracked skin and make it silky smooth. Each fragrance owns a cream to its name.

Hand Wash: Every NONFICTION fragrance gets captured in a hand wash that creates an alluring environment. This wash also contains oatmeal extracts to remove tan and keep skin supple.

Lip Care: Their lip balm is vegan and provides deep moisturization. This balm contains seed oil from macadamia nuts and jojoba oil, and vitamin E gives it anti-oxidant properties. The product does not melt away and stays on the lips. There are no animal-derived components in it, and animal testing does not take place for any product from this organization. It is small and portable, which makes it your ideal travel partner.

Why Use NONFICTION Products? 

This company works hard to create a new range of products that are unheard of. They vow to work only with responsibly sourced ingredients. Also, their products are free from seventeen harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens. Using all plant-based ingredients helps them create hypoallergenic products that suit all skin types. Their teams work hard to make premium quality offerings only. You can create your signature mood with their fragrances. Last but not least, every product from them is effective and gives long-lasting benefits.

In the End!

With this new company in the market, you can now explore your personality. Wear their perfumes, escape into tranquillity and gain praises from others around you.  

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