CardiVU App Looks to Give Access to Affordable Heart Health Analyses Through Your Eyes

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CardiVU is an accurate heart-rate monitoring app that works by simply running in the background on your smartphone, without having any sensor on your skin.

These days, when we look at South Korea, we think of innovation and progress. A nation that was only a mid-tier economy at the start of this millennium is now sitting amongst the world’s most robust economies. 

In a span of 20 years, South Korea has transformed from a tech-backing, developing economy to a tech-innovating, developed economy. But while everything else has been on the rise, there is one field where South Korea has regressed: that of Cardiovascular Diseases. 

Studies have shown that, from 2000 to 2015, CVD mortality rates in South Korea plummeted. The country that once counted 181 deaths per 1000 people due to CVDs, now has the second-lowest mortality rate, next only to France. 

While South Korea achieved this rapid success in reducing CVD mortality rates through integrated government schemes, Smart Diagnostics Inc. aims to bring it to the world at large. How? With the help of a smartphone app!

Why Do We Need Better Heart-Monitoring Systems?

You might not know this, but checking on your most vital organ is a tedious process. Heart-rate monitoring is a phenomenon that requires precision and time. 

A sensory heart monitor is strapped to the skin (either on your hand, fingers or chest directly), and it measures your heart rate based on the pulses emitted. This data is then processed to note any deviations from the standard, something that is known as Heart Rate Variation (HRV). Based on the HRV, doctors formulate their diagnoses and recommendations. 

However, there are a couple of drawbacks to this: first, physical monitoring systems are cumbersome, and second, the results might be skewed owing to environmental factors. 

How, then, can we achieve accurate diagnosis? Smart Diagnostics Inc. proves their company name’s worth with CardiVU: the smartphone app that provides near-clinical levels of diagnostic accuracy.

CardiVU: Smart Diagnostic Inc. Goes Straight to the Source

The heart is a part of your autonomic nervous system. Therefore, monitoring it would be much easier if we recorded stimuli from it directly. The eyes, specifically the iris, are directly linked to the same system. And guess what constantly has our eyes these days? That’s right- our smartphones. 

Since 2012, Smart Diagnostics Inc. has been working on its Automatic Vital Sign Extraction Algorithm: a heart-rate variation monitoring system rooted in an iris-based infrared camera. It took them five years to make the algorithm perfect and an additional three to get it to CES. However, it was worth the wait; CardiVU is the most convenient, non-invasive method to monitor your heart rate. 

Once downloaded, the app runs in the background and monitors your iris through your front camera. When you use your phone, you subconsciously hold it stable, negating substantial environmental interference. Moreover, the app itself filters out any other external factors to ensure maximum accuracy. How accurate? Well, they claim up to 99%. Moreover, CardiVU has a robust data-based approach to its analysis.

Reports, Cloud Services, and Solutions: the CardiVU Way

The CardiVU app’s main strength is the frequency with which it collects data. In your regular routine, you can at the most schedule a weekly visit with your doctor, and the data collection that occurs over the course of the month is negligible compared to what CardiVU can do. 

The key to heart monitoring is gathering just enough data to be able to give an accurate diagnosis. With CardiVU, you get an abundance. Through its partnership with Amazon, data gathered from the app is stored on the AWC cloud servers, ensuring security. This data is available on the app as well. Users can directly connect with and send across data to their preferred health professionals and get precise diagnoses and treatment like never before. 

For this innovative, data-driven approach to healthcare, the CardiVU app was featured at CES in the first place: the largest consumer electronics and technology forum in the world.

The Way Forward for Healthcare is With CardiVU

South Korea is a country that is not opposed to heart-related fatalities. In fact, heart diseases and failures are the leading cause of death in South Korea to date. 

However, as noted at the article’s beginning, the gap is being closed rather rapidly. And with CardiVU, Smart Diagnostics Inc. can bring this progress to the entire world. 

Frictionless, contactless, precise heart-monitoring from the comfort of your homes: what once seemed like a dream is now a reality. CardiVU is the way forward for heart health, heading into the future.

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