DIVEROID: The Only Diving Equipment You Need

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Enjoy your diving to the fullest with Diveroid from Artisan&Ocean, a Korean startup, which can be your dive computer, camera, compass, and more!

No other sport compares to the thrill of diving into the open waters and coming face-to-face with life under it. This activity has a lot of takers, but not everyone knows that you need the right equipment to stay alive in an unknown environment. The water bodies have an atmosphere of their own and at different depths, and divers need to use the appropriate equipment for surviving here. While the market does offer devices for this activity, they all come at a heavy price. Artisan&Ocean brings you the best cost-effective product to make all your dives stress-free and enjoyable.

What is the Artisan&Ocean?

The thought behind Artisan&Ocean started in 2012 when its 23-year-old CEO, Jungil, witnessed the sad episode of a diver dying because of unmonitored pressure. He developed instant decompression sickness and passed away at a diving spot on Jeju Islands. All this happened because the diver did not own a piece of proper diving equipment. Jungil decided to create something that could save the life of every diving enthusiast and let them enjoy the activity. Jungil believes in taking the difficult path in life and working hard on achieving his dreams. 

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In 2013, his application for grants got accepted, and the Korean government supported his dream. In 2015 DIVEROID saw the light of day, and there has been no stopping since. While diving devices fall in the expensive category, Jungil found the gap and wanted to create something as convenient as a mobile phone. When people could carry expensive mobile phones, they could spend less than half that money on a device that could save their lives. He came up with his product at just $213. With well though features and ease of use, this is a diver’s best friend. 


DIVEROID is a case that comes equipped with many features that allow the diver to stay connected to the outside world and monitor their vitals. You can sync its app to your mobile phone and create an outstanding underwater friend. The idea of this device stems from the requirement of a camera and computer under the water. People love capturing underwater life, and many researchers undertake diving daily for their work. However, the lack of affordable devices posed a cause of concern, jeopardizing safety. DIVEROID comes equipped with many features as below.

Features of the DIVEROID

  • The Camera: The DIVEROID comes with a camera that can take high-quality pictures and videos underwater. The camera has four shoot modes: selfie, wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, and zoom mode. With a video mode of 4K, you get natural pictures that win awards. It even comes with red-filter technology, which allows you to rectify the color of the environment and produce realistic photographs. 
  • The Log Book: The DIVEROID also has an app where you can sync all photos and log in to retrieve your old work. This app records the details of the photographs, like their depth and date. This feature is vital for marine biologists, particularly as it helps them relate their findings. This app allows drivers to share data on various social media platforms. 
  • The Computer: The other primary feature of the DIVEROID is its capacity to record the temperature of the water and the pressure. It comes with a specific set of instructions for temperature and pressure. If the surrounding temperature or pressure touches the danger mark, it signals the diver by vibration technique. This computer creates a graph of the entire diving phase of the diver and informs about the time left as well. Nitrogen levels, depth, oxygen toxicity, and battery life all get monitored and recorded here. 
  • Waterproof and Scratchproof: They make it waterproof with a 200-foot depth functioning limit and use a double O-ring for its built. These features make the device 100% waterproof, and it gets tested for the same in pressure chambers as well. The heat skins in the DIVERIOD prevent any fog built up and provide a clear view of its screen. Only Gorilla glass makes up this device and makes it scratch resistant. Glass fiber polycarbonate makes the outer case of the DIVEROID durable and sturdy. 
  • Emergency alert and compass: The DIVEROID comes with an inbuilt compass to always keep the divers on track. You can even use its app to call the nearby boat in case of an emergency. It uses the data from google maps for this function.

In the End

The number of divers in Korea and the world increases annually, and they need the right equipment to undertake this activity. The DIVEROID boosts many great reviews, and divers look forward to this product and rely on its technology. If you love diving or want to try it, go for this Korean product and stay safe! 

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