6 Korean Stationery Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Are you someone who loves to blow off your paycheck on stationary or browse through it to relax? If the answer to the above is a yes, then you are in the right place. There is no doubt that stationary is adorable and encases the beauty of the work one does. Korean stationery is versatile, cute, and convenient. Once you buy Korean-made stationery, you will not look elsewhere. Below are a few products from Korean manufactures that will enhance your stationery experience!

Bonomemo Window Sticky Memos 

Sticky notes are a lifesaver when you want to take notes but dislike writing in your textbook. But there is a downside to sticky notes: they hide the text or diagram under them, which is inconvenient. With Bonomemo’s Window Sticky Memos, this problem stands solved. They make them with vellum, and these translucent sticky notes allow you to see the text under them. You can write on these notes and remove them when your work finishes. You can even place them at the edge of the pages in your book and make page tags or bookmarks from them. Though the material of the Window sticky notes is smooth, the writing does not smudge. Some other uses of this product are tracing diagrams and placing them on calendars to remember events without hiding the date. 

Monami Olika Fountain Pen 

Monami is a South Korea-based company that manufactures office stationery since 1960. Their Fountain Pens carry a sophisticated and pricy look. The body of this pen is made with PVC and has a rubber grip. It has a curvy design for the perfect grasp and a plastic cap. The body of the Fountain Pen and its cartridge comes in a variety of colors. The Pen’s nib is fine and promotes good handwriting. You can even sketch with this pen as the nib is sturdy yet smooth. Monami makes their Fountain Pen in ten colors, and all have their separate cartridges. You must wash the pen thoroughly if you plan to interchange the ink. A Monami Olika Fountain Pen is an ideal gift for first-time pen users and students. 

Iconic Colour Twin Pen Gel 

Let your creativity flow with the two-sided gel pens from the Korean Brand, Iconic. These pens exhibit an intelligent design by allowing the cap of one side to fix onto the other side, thus preventing you from losing them all over your house. Each Gel-pen has two contrasting colors, and each set has three pens; that give you six colors. The body of the Gel-pen is plastic, and it has a needlepoint metal tip. The colors they make are red with blue, orange with black, and green with brown. These pens are appropriate for taking notes and will not clutter your box. You can gift these to your school-going children and watch them enjoy with its two-sided tips. 

Morris Round Tip Scented Retractable Highlighter

From the house of expert Pen makers, Morris’ Retractable highlighters are a new age device. These highlighters come with fruit-scented ink and have a blub-shaped tip. The tip provides uniformity to the highlighting, and its firmness does not loosen over time. The top needs a push to expose the bottom writing tip, and with another push of this button, the writing tip goes back in. These highlighters have a ball valve that keeps them from exposure to the outside air and does not dry out. A safety clip prevents the highlighter from accidentally popping open in your bag. One pack comes in six lively colors: pink, orange-yellow, violet, sky blue, and yellow-green.  

Morris Round Tip Highlighter

Livework Washi Tapes

Made by a Korean lifestyle brand, Livework, Washi tapes personalize your scrapbooks and gifts. These tapes are available in eight styles and are suitable for different purposes. You could use vintage-style tape to make your scrapbook or gifts look elegant. They have one with names of months, which could find use in your travel journal. These tapes are neat to stick and convenient to remove without damaging the material under them. Add some design to your work with Livework’s Washi tapes.

Monami Essenti Stick Dry Highlighter

This product from Monami lets you write on delicate, old, and handmade paper. The ink in these highlighters does not bleed, and they are not very moist. The ink is available in 10 fluorescent colors. This highlighter has a plastic body with a cap that attaches to the back. Rolling the end of this marker extends this marker’s tip. The Monami dry highlighters will not disappoint you with their colors and style. Get this product for your children and let them explore. 

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To wrap it up!

Even the toughest of hearts melt at the sight of cute and engaging stationary. Whether you are an avid stationery fan or just looking for a pen to finish a project, get your hands on these products. They will make you fall in love with their cuteness and utility. 

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