BackKeeper – A Smart IoT Cushion from Korea

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BackKeeper is a smart IoT cushion with a built-in sensor that senses the status of posture, accurately monitors it, and then helps in posture correction.

Life in the 21st Century has become digital. Everyone is either hooked onto their smartphones or laptops. While these devices keep us well informed and connected to the world, they have a downside. A human’s bone structure functions in a pre-programmed way. These new-age gadgets are causing an alteration in this structure, which causes ailments in the body. While going away from these gadgets is impossible nowadays, one must keep their posture correct to avoid long-term problems. In the market, many products claim to help with posture correction and alignment management. However, the Korean product BackKeeper is the best for the job. 

What is HCLAB and BackKeeper?

HCLAB from South Korea has come out with a product called the BackKeeper. HCLAB or the Human Care Laboratory began as a Korean start-up in 2019 and has won many awards for its inventions. All these inventions focus on improving the quality of life. In 2020, it took part in a collaboration project between IoTech and a support project. This year itself is when they came out with the smart cushion BackKeeper. And are planning to release its Pro version any time soon. This company works on a mission to breaking prejudice about health and developing smart, sensuous, comfortable, and healthy everyday devices.          

Features and Advantages of the BackKeeper 

The BackKeeper is a posture correcting cushion that has a square design with rounded-edged. This product is in line with HCLAB’s vision of making life healthy. The company understood that humans now spend close to 9 hours a day sitting. The ergonomically designed cushion has memory foam. You can get the BackKeeper cushion in three colors; white, black, and baby pink. These cushions are lightweight and portable, making them excellent travel companions. To operate this device, all you need is a smartphone. 

You can download the BackKeeper App on any android phone, and it will keep a record of our posture and cross-check it with its algorithm. If your posture shows an odd reading, this App will suggest the corrections which you should implement. When your posture is off, it gives out a slight vibration signally you to rectify it. 

This device is wireless and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Even though the cushion does not use the internet, the App that it connects to uses the internet to give you updates and exercise routines. The BackKeeper is not only for people who face back issues. Even individuals who realize having posture issues while sitting should use this device as a preventive measure. It not only informs you of your bad posture but also creates a plan with strength exercise to correct your posture. 

Whether for the back muscles or the neck, BackKeeper has a solution to all your problems. Because It uses Bluetooth and not Wi-Fi, you do not have to rely on an internet connection to get your analysis. The BackKeeper smart cushion records data in real-time and gives results. A good posture means no nerve blocks, and that leads to a healthy system. With a good posture, all muscles stay aligned anatomically, and there is no muscle loss. You feel energetic, and with the correct posture, your body will feel less tensed. Once you follow the stretching and strength exercises guided by the App, you will feel the difference in yourself. 

BackKeeper Specs

  • Analyzes posture real-time
  • Send vibrations as soon as it identifies incorrect posture
  • Even if vibraitons are off, the app records all the postures that you can go back and check at the end of the day
  • Notifies you that it is time to stretch depending on collected data and problem areas
  • offers effective lower body pressure distribution
  • made from 100% high-density memory foam from Korea
  • helps to correct sitting posture over time
In the end

Another mind-blowing product from the booming technology industry in South Korea, the BackKeeper, is a sure-shot hit. Cute to look at these cushions will blend with your home and workspace, so you will not feel embarrassed. Also, they are silent, so there is no need to worry about sounds coming out from underneath you. Being a hard-working individual is fruitful, but working hard on your own body is rewarding beyond mention.  

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