ARTBOT by RoboPrint – A Mural Painting Robot from Korea

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ARTBOT by RoboPrint is a mural painting robot for digital image painting on surfaces on buildings, retaining walls, and soundproof walls while providing safety to artists.

Humans have discovered the availability of the vertical world to save space. Previously, things were always spread out, but then stacks and blocks became popular. You can see it all around as we continue to build skyscrapers that can house multiple houses or offices. You can now find these multi-story buildings in abundance, even in Korea. While admiring the city’s skyline, one company came up to decorate these tall buildings with creative murals. This would both decorate the building and bring life to the surroundings.

What Is RoboPrint – Robot for People (로보프린트)? 

Roboprint is the company responsible for the vibrant colors you see on South Korean skyscrapers. They print the outside walls of tall buildings to make them look nice. This company began with just one person and has grown to become the largest mural-creating behemoth. After successfully capturing the market in their home country, they are now considering expanding westward, with San Francisco already on their list. Their next move is expected to take them to China and Europe. Roboprint, a technology-driven company, already has 15 patents and has been awarded the government of Korea’s “New Excellent Technology” certificate.

ARTBOT – State-of-the-Art Technology

ARTBOT is the name of the mural painting robot from the Korean brand RoboPrint. This piece of robotic equipment breaks down the image to be printed into smaller pieces before printing it on the walls of a high-rise building, creating designs that cover the entire outer wall. The advantage of this bot is that it is not wired and can be controlled remotely from a distance. Here are a few benefits of this one-of-a-kind device. 

Benefits of Using ARTBOT

  • Less labor force: A single bot can easily complete a task that would require at least fifteen men. This bot helps lower the cost of hiring a power. It reduces labor costs by nearly half, if not more.
  • Causalities: Men strapped to a tall building, hanging on bars for their lives while working, is an accident waiting to happen. It is a dangerous job, and casualties are not uncommon; sometimes, they result in fatalities. With the use of this robot, there is no risk of injuring a human or, worse, losing a life. 
  • Reachability: There is a limit to human body’s flexibility. While artists do their best, we always tend to miss out on some nooks and crannies while painting murals. Because they remotely operated it and can even reach these troublesome or even life-threatening areas, such as flyover sides or large tankers, that are inaccessible to humans.
  • Error: Art is indeed a figment of the imagination. When a human draws a large image, the possibility of error is high. When using a machine, the error is almost non-existent. 
  • Cleaning: Now for the surprise! This robot can also function as a window cleaner. This bot can clean exterior walls and windows simply by attaching a spray. As a result, they protect humans from these hazardous jobs. You can control the efficiency of the bots remotely which gives you higher precision.
  • Additional Options: There is no need to rely on a human’s skill and creativity when the artwork is done by a robot that can recreate any image. You can paint any image on the building of your choice as long as a picture is available. 

RoboPrint’s Amazing Art Works

To conclude!

Korea is quickly becoming the epicenter of all things trendy. There is no beating the influential minds here, whether it is beauty or technology. They have gained an advantage in every aspect of life and are redefining it. The robotics industry is quickly establishing itself as a market leader in Korea and a significant contributor to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Roboprint is on a mission to paint memorable murals on every building in Korea. They aim to reach the markets in countries of the West as soon as possible. Plain white exteriors are a thing of the past with this bot.

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