Printing Health & Aging Well: Rokit Healthcare’s Dr. INVIVO 4D6 Can Change Lives One Cell at A Time

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Dr. INVIVO 4D6 by Rokit Healthcare is a bioprinting platform that guarantees an optimal cell growth environment and brings in an era of organ regeneration!

Humankind originated thousands of years ago, but “modern” medicine has its roots significantly recently- in the Middle Ages. After the Black Death ravaged Europe’s population, there was a general consensus: medicine needs to be more scientific. 

Since then, there has been a parallel increase in humanity’s medical prowess and average lifespans. People are healthier, safer and more immune than ever before. However, many questions remain unexplained: how do cancer cells truly function? Can organs that are seemingly beyond repair be fixed and thrive? The answer to those questions, and more, can be found in South Korea.

The home of innovation and invention, South Korea’s rapid ascent to global prominence wasn’t by chance. The country has invested heavily in researching and developing “technologies of the future.” 

From education to logistics, South Korea is working on transforming the very way in which we live our lives. This includes healthcare. 

Imagine a world where we retain the same mobility we had at 20 when we turn 90. Imagine a world where people could age without the fear of developing dementia or other ailments often associated with age. 

That is the kind of world ROKIT Healthcare looks to build, with its 4D bioprinting device, DR. INVIVO.

3D Printing: How Printing Added Another Dimension to Itself

Conventional printing technology has its origins in the mid-15th century. Johannes Gutenberg solved the issue of mass-producing books with his rudimentary printing press, capable of printing 240 impressions per hour. Printing has become a sophisticated process that takes mere seconds these days, thanks to the digitization of the printing press. However, they have retained one quality since their inception: two-dimensional impressions. From elaborately-designed scriptures to intricate building plans, everything printed came out in 2D. That is, till 3D printing came around. 

Initially, this was involved in a procedure called “rapid prototyping.” To put it simply, 3D printers assisted manufacturing by producing a layered, design-accurate prototype model. 

Today, 3D printers are changing the way industries function and have been incorporated into the core stratagems of many a corporation. However, its true potential lies in the world of healthcare.

Rokit Healthcare’s Vision for Healthcare Has 3 dimensions (At the Least)

Why has 3D Printing become so popular? Because it can reproduce complex designs and structures with maximum accuracy and a minimal margin for error. While this function might seem like a fine detail, it makes all the difference in the world. 

0 structural defects mean 0 wastage, which is crucial for an industry as important as healthcare. 

Since 2012, Rokit Healthcare has been experimenting with bioprinting to harness 3D printing’s capabilities and apply them to real-time medical procedures. Cell-grafting, organ regeneration, stem cell treatments; are delicate procedures that need absolute focus and dedication; a single error can prove fatal. 

Accurately designing and cultivating human cells is, put mildly, a challenging task. Rendering 3D tissue structures is the first step in a complex procedure. 

This is where Dr. INVIVO 4D6 from Rokit Healthcare comes into play.

rokit healthcare invivo

Dr. INVIVO 4D6: The World’s First 4D Bioprinter with Built-In Cell Incubation Capacities

Merely creating cell structures isn’t enough; those cells need to live, breathe, eat and grow. Rokit Healthcare’s Dr. INVIVO 4D6 facilitates all that and more. 

This bio-fabrication device is the first of its kind to come with a built-in cell incubation chamber, auto bed-leveling and nozzle alignment, as well as six rotary pinheads that help make this complex process that much more flexible. 

ROKIT Healthcare calls Dr. INVIVO a 4D printer, as it takes into account the dimension of time in the printing process. 

What this means is with DR. INVIVO 4D6, healthcare professionals will be able to create entire tissue formations and cell groups for medical purposes with precision and minimal margin for error. 

ROKIT Healthcare hopes to one day bring this Dr. INVIVO 4D6 technology to every hospital bed to help patients recover and heal much faster.

Control At Every Level: Dr. INVIVO 4D6 Allows Doctors to Control Every Aspect of Growth

As noted above, rendering the model isn’t enough; bio-fabrication is much like real-life growth, and bio-printed cell structures will require the ideal conditions for growth. This is made possible by Dr. INVIVO 4D6, a device that gives you complete control:

  1. Built-in cell incubator allows customization of temperature, CO2 & humidity, stimulating ideal growth conditions
  2. UV sterilization feature prevents contamination during the growth process to improve cell viability
  3. Auto bed-leveling & nozzle end alignment via ultrasonic sensors automates the calibration process, facilitating 0-contact cell growth
  4. Six modular rotary printheads allow individual control over cell types, biomaterials & biopolymers to enable the easy creation of stable, complex structures
  5. The built-in microscope gives fine visualization capacity up to 20x resolution allowing precise monitoring 
  6. Capable of dispensing 384 well-plate assays with low errors, combining high-throughput liquid handing & high-precision linear robotics

How Dr. INVIVO 4D6 Brings the Next Medical Revolution

With its capacity to harness the inherent healing properties of the body, Dr. INVIVO 4D6 by Rokit Healthcare can facilitate cellular regeneration at a faster, more conducive pace. This doesn’t simply have many applications in the medical world: it is a futuristic level of medical practice being administered today. 

The medical applications of Dr. INVIVO 4D6 are endless from a practical and research-based point of view. Studying cancer cells can be rapidly accelerating with the help of this device. Entire tissue formations can be replicated and arguably made stronger with its aid. Organ regeneration is a practical possibility now. 

If ROKIT Healthcare realizes its dream of placing one Dr. INVIVO 4D6 in every hospital room, it will allow human beings to enter an age of unprecedented health, wellness and youthful functionality.

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