AttnKare: The Best Korean Device to Diagnose and Treat ADHD

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Hippo T&C’s AttnKare is an innovative device from a Korean startup that helps in diagnosing and treating ADHD by using VR gameplay.

The human body is a piece of complex machinery that begins work even before a child comes into this world. The universal coding of this machine may differ at times during its initial developmental stages because of many reasons. An altered development may lead to individuals possessing different attributes than a standard person. A major alteration occurs when some people get diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyper Activity. Characterized as a neurological disorder, ADHD can happen to any child. There lies no specific reason behind its occurrence but, it is curable. Children with ADHD cannot accommodate worldly standards and may need focused attention. HIPPO T&C Inc. from Korea brings you a revolutionary device that can detect and provide you with treatment options for this disorder.

About HIPPO T&C Inc. 

HIPPO T&C Inc. comes from the heart of South Korea, and its CEO holds a Ph.D. in Engineering. This company focuses on improving the quality of life through intensive research and artificial intelligence. Devices that can detect and diagnose depression belong to this prestigious company. This device works as an app on your phone and talks to you. It eliminates loneliness in one’s life thereby, moving them away from suicidal thoughts. The device will also coach you on life lessons and guide you in dealing with certain everyday situations. 

Their second device is for Diabetic foot diagnosis and treatment. These diseases could prove fatal if not monitored and treated in time. With the right insoles and app-based information, you can regularly monitor your diabetic foot. It also provides treatment tips and gives you a scanned image of your foot on your mobile. This company’s new focus lies in biomarkers. These biomarkers find their place right from the developmental stages of the human embryo. Many biomarkers play a vital role in identifying ADHD and help with early diagnosis. 

HIPPO T&C Inc. AttnKare

AttnKare is a wearable device that looks like a virtual reality game. It comes with VR goggles and hand-held joysticks. To use this device effectively, you need to wear eye gear and hold the stick in your hand. Some images appear on your screen, and you need to perform tasks like a game. The technology behind the device collects responses during these tasks and analyses the response time concerning medical standards. The DSM-5, which categorizes the severity of ADHD, forms the basis of the study. The behaviors, response time, and performance of the individuals get measured using Artificial intelligence. 

The classification of results spans 18 grades, and you can understand the spectrum in which your child falls. The second part of this device helps with the treatment of ADHD. This section contains virtual reality segments that help rectify cognitive behavior, give therapy-based training, and evaluate the results based on medical data. The games are easy to play, and patients do not feel the pressures of undergoing treatment. Children enjoy these games, and their behavior undergoes rectification without stress. The utility and technology of this device gave it a position on the honoree list at the 2022 CES Innovation Awards.  

In the End!

The concept behind AttnKare exudes positivity for parents of children with ADHD. It helps you identify the disorder in time and rectify the behavioral issues so that your child will not get alienated at school or in a social setting. You must help your children become confident individuals with AttnKare and get your device today.

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