Charmcare H2-BP: Best Wearable Device to Monitor Blood Pressure On The Go

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Charmcare H2-BP, approved by KFDA, is the world’s first wearable, lightest, and smallest blood pressure monitor that can measure blood pressure on the go.

The daily grind of life pulls people down and causes them to eat unhealthy food and stress. Lifestyle diseases creep in like an unseen evil and spoil your daily activities. One of the major lifestyle diseases that engulfs 972 million people worldwide goes by the term High Blood pressure. This problem to many organs in the body could prove fatal if not monitored. The current Blood pressure monitors in the market have a bulky structure and need you to sit in a place and organize the instrument. Charmcare saw the problem and came up with a wearable device that can help you even when you do not have the time to sit down. 

About Charmcare

The company came to life in 2004, and it first sold medical equipment. After testing the waters for medical equipment, they registered for a license to manufacture equipment in 2005. Over the years, they have gathered many patents and awards that make this organization stand out from the crowd. With the acquisition of CE Mark, the blood pressure monitor now falls under the umbrella of Charmcare. This company supplies medical equipment to over 40 countries worldwide. Charmcare excels in manufacturing products with bio-signal technology and has 10 patents on it. Their blood pressure monitor is state of the art and has even made it to the Honoree list for the 2022 CES innovation awards.

Charmcare H2-BP

Targeting the global issue of hypertension, Charmcare presents the H2-BP wrist band. This is a wearable blood pressure measuring device. There are no other products in its category, and that makes it unique. The H2-BP is the lighters and smallest product in the world that can measure blood pressure. At 43 grams, you will not even feel you have anything on your wrist. They make it with a Lithium-ion polymer battery that takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to charge to its maximum capacity. You can connect it with your mobile phone or any other electronic device via Bluetooth. 

The sensitivity of this wrist band falls between the range of 30mmHG to 260mmHg. This range covers both the lowest and highest range of pressures that the human body could sustain. The H2-BP uses the oscillometer method to take its reading, which gives very accurate readings. The device only takes 30 to 50 seconds to record the reading, which helps with faster medication for the patients. You can even record almost 200 readings on this tiny wristband. The best place to measure your pulse is the radial artery on the inner side of your wrist. The pressure cushions on the H2-BP ensure your pulse is always on track by measuring it from this artery. 


Why Use Charmcare H2-BP?

The advantage of this device falls beyond the counting capacity of humans. A sudden spike in blood pressure could lead to a malfunction of any part of the body. It could disrupt vision, cause kidney failure, or even cause a brain hemorrhage. If you already fall in the category of people whose doctors have diagnosed them with Hypertension, you must wear this watch for monitoring purposes. It could help doctors alter medication and save a patient’s life. However, people who have a family history of hypertension must also invest in this device. It will assist them in monitoring their vitals, and any wrong reading will get caught before a disaster takes place. 

In the End!

The H2-BP makes a remarkable stepping stone in the field of medicine, and every person must own this device. The existence of this device proves that the glass ceiling in medical sciences no longer exists. Get the product today and keep yourself along with your loved ones safe. 

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