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Breezm – The Best Korean Eyewear That Fits Your Face

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Breezm is a revolutionary Korean eyewear brand that uses advanced technologies like 3D printing and scanning to make unique glasses for every customer.

Eyes make for one of the five senses humans have. They help you see the beautiful world around you and make life colorful. With age, exposure, and exertion, the sight in your eyes may diminish, blurring your vision. To help with this aspect, scientists came up with the power of eyeglasses. In the modern world, eyewear is a style statement for people who wear them. Adorning stylish, trending, and fashion-forward glasses make you stand out from the crowd. To help you identify the right design for your face, Coptiq Co. Ltd. came up with their brand called Breezm.

Coptiq Co. Ltd. – A Korean Startup

Coptiq Co. Ltd. is a Seoul-based organization that works on research related to 3D printing. Since its inception in 2017, this company has provided innovative products in the field of eyewear. They work on putting together high-end technologies like Big data analysis, 3D scanning, and 3 D printing. When made to work in Unison, these three give you the best eyewear you could imagine. The eyewear market is enormous, but people face obstruction in finding the right fit that would suit their face. Not everyone can wear round or square-shaped glasses. Because all face cuts are different, people needed a product to make specially curated eyewear. 

The founder of the company WooSeok Sung realized the gap in the market concerning customized eyewear. He also wanted to bring forward affordable products so that people across the globe could wear the glasses of their choice. This thought and research made way for Breezm. 

Award Winning Breezm

Breezm is the brand launched by Coptiq Co. Ltd. that manufactures customized eyewear. You need to download the Breezm app and scan your face using your front camera. The 3D scanning technique installed in their app takes a compete for the image of your face and its features. Some minor attributes of your face like the checking height, ear height, eye distance, nose height, and facing contouring all get calculated using this scanning device. Once the features get stored in the system, it gives you an option for various styles of frames. 

This product comes as a blessing for the people who struggle to find the right fit for the frame. They let you select a design so your glasses will not look like other people. The difference between the pupils makes it tricky to get the perfect fit of your glasses. But, Breezm gives you the appropriate length and even makes the right leg length. There are a total of 33 designs from which you get the best option for your face. The company can produce its frames in 15 colors which gives you options. You will never face the challenge of crooked nose pads with Breezm. The versatility and utility of this product earned it a place amongst the honoree in the CES 2022 Innovation Awards

Another remarkable aspect of this company is that they use 3D printing to manufacture the glasses, which reduces the cost of production and makes flexible eyewear. The material varies depending on your choice, and the final product does not come with lenses. 

In the End!

You no longer need to worry about finding the perfect eyewear for yourself, and Breezm will take care of all your problems. Just log into their app and get started with the process. Because this company makes only “to order” products, you should place your order in advance. Get your eyewear now and flaunt your style.

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