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Spring/Summer 2020 Shoes Trends

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The spring/summer 2020 shoes trends reflect that this season is all about shimmery bling and classic colors to make your footwear stand out!

Every look is incomplete without a good outfit, beautiful makeup, finest accessories, and of course, the shoes! You cannot step out of your house without wearing a stylish pair of shoes that perfectly complements your outfit. However, as the summer approaches, the excitement of experimenting with different looks to stun the people around you keeps on rising high. 

With the dynamic changes in the footwear trends, it is necessary to keep your wardrobe updated with the latest shoes that hit off the runway and became a sensational hit.

As we all know, summers are for unexpected trips and long outings with your dear ones, you need to fill your shoe collection with the latest pieces that are exclusively designed to rock the spring season with ease and comfort. 

Spring/Summer 2020 Shoes Trends

The following are the best of the spring/summer 2020 shoe trends that would help you to restock your collection!

Heeled Loafers

The time has come to say goodbye to those traditional loafers and replace them with the heeled ones. The heeled loafers can be worn every day to work as they are comfortable and stylish at the same time.


The trend of embedding chains over pumps, heels, boots, and sandals has taken the fashion industry over the storm. The chain embedding gives a completely different look to the footwear, making it ultra-stunning and appealing.

Flatforms and Platform Sneakers

Flatforms generally come along with a raised sole that would give you the elegance of heels, thereby keeping your feet comfortable all day long. Sneakers have always been an essential part of the footwear collection as they are super comfortable and trendy. However, the modern sneakers come along with a platform heel to give you that extra oomph, glamour, and confidence while you walk your way.

Thong Sandals

Thong sandals are the ultimate go-to footwear piece that you can wear every day for long hours. The modern reinvention of these sandals involves stylish yet minimalistic designs over the top to deliver a gorgeously classic look.


The most appreciated shoe trends that rocked the runway were the embedding of ornamental embellishments that we cannot take our eyes off. The embellishment over the shoes would turn out to be a statement look for you during the spring season.

Leather Mules

You can comfortably wear leather mules during summer outings. The best part is that you can pair them with any type of outfit. These simple yet elegant mules are beautified by leather infusion that gives it a luxurious look.

Heeled Flip flops 

The traditional flip flops are complemented along with a heel to create a stunningly elegant and refined piece of footwear. It is sure to become an irreplaceable part of your footwear collection. You can best pair them up with shift dresses, shorts, and cropped jeans as well.

Ballet Flats

Since ages, the ballet flats have been our favorites. During summers, you can wear these minimalistic yet stylish footwear pieces to complete your look. Besides this, you can pair ballet flats with any type of outfit and can be worn every day with ease.


No one can even imagine summer fashion without thinking about the espadrilles. Be it heeled, platform, or flat ones, espadrilles are fabulously chic footwear pieces that give an enviable layered look when paired along with short dresses or denim shorts.

Wrap Up

Undoubtedly, every look is incomplete without a stunning pair of shoes. With the changing trends this spring/summer 2020, some of the exquisite patterns in footwear that truly aced the runway are embellished satin pumps and metallic heels that garnered the attention of the fashion enthusiasts for their enviable and alluring looks.

The recent runways spring/summer 2020 trends regarding shoes clearly reflect that this season is all about shimmery bling and classic colors to make your footwear stand out.

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