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From Seoul to Paris to New York: The Journey of Songzio, a Korean Fashion Brand’s Unique Style

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Discover Songzio, a Korean fashion brand revolutionizing menswear with its avant-garde approach. Explore the brand’s commitment to Eastern-inspired elegance and its upcoming flagship stores in Seoul, Paris, and New York. Uncover how Songzio merges fashion with art, creating immersive cultural experiences for visitors worldwide.

Songzio, a Korean fashion brand launched in 1993, has stood true to its roots for three decades. This Korean fashion brand focuses on menswear to make some avant-garde pieces. Transforming traditional Korean menswear, Songzio has created something new and innovative. The black couture is the brands focus to make sharp, sleek suits that are well-tailored and fitted. The modern silhouettes are supported by long coats that are stylish and practical.

SONGZIO | Fall Winter 2024/2025

Songzio Fall Winter 2024 collection, ‘Night Thieves’, was just showcased in Paris during fashion week. It’s all about mysterious characters who are like the heroes of the night, controlling everything that happens when it’s dark. These characters are both calm and wild, strange but also familiar, and they live in a world that’s both dark and shiny.

The whole idea for this collection comes from a painting of Prometheus, a mythological figure who got in trouble for something he did. The Night Thieves in this collection are a bit like Prometheus – they did something bold, like stealing fire from the gods, but it brought both good and bad consequences.

It’s all about different ways of looking at things and how our actions can have unexpected results.

Brand identity

The fashion house’s designs go beyond the conventional or mainstream, pushing boundaries and exploring new concepts. Despite this avant-garde approach, they maintain an air of “elegance,” suggesting that their designs are refined, sophisticated, and tasteful.

CEO and creative director Jay Song, the son of founder and chairman Song Zio, says “The Eastern look is what represents our brand’s identity, so it’s much more valuable than just chasing after ever-changing trends.” Despite its second home in Paris since 2007, the Parisian consumers even covet the Eastern inspired looks. Eastern and Western garments are different in terms of patterns, colors, materials, and silhouettes.

The Korean fashion brand focuses on finding the perfect Eastern look that gives you the perfectly uniquely feeling that can’t be found anywhere else.

Songzio Labels

There are four labels under the Sonzio umbrella.

  • Songzio – the flagship brand, high-end menswear
  • Songzio Homme – a contemporary menswear brand, ready-to-wear
  • Zzero Songzio – unisex youth street label from the brand
  • Zio Songzio – more accessible and commercial diffusion label

Songzio x Warner Bros

The latest collaboration of the Korean fashion brand Songzio with Warner Bros features characters from Looney Tunes. Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Sylvester the Cat and Taz are featured with a Songzio twist in Eastern-inpsired outfits. Another collection with Tom and Jerry is expected to launch next month.

This project is deviation from people’s perception of the brand being dark and serious. The pop collaboration will showcase Songzio’s reinterpretations of globally loved characters.

Songzio Brand Future Plans

While maintaining its brand identity over three decades, Songzio has quite intensive future plans. It is planning to launch flagship stores in Seoul in April, Paris in August 2024 and New York next year. While flagship stores are nothing new for fashion brands, Songzio’s are going to be trailblazing.

Song said, “The aim of each flagship is different, but we’re working hard especially on the interior architecture.” The aesthetically pleasing arrangement will live up to the brand’s creative mindset.

Seoul Flagship Plans

The Seoul flagship store of Songzio, situated in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam District, will stand out as a three-story black building with a concrete and wood basement. It aims to transcend traditional retail by incorporating elements of art and culture, resembling more of an art gallery or cultural complex than a conventional clothing store.

CEO Song envisions the space as a playground symbolizing purity, featuring artwork personally created by himself and the chairman. Emphasizing cultural engagement over mere sales, the store will offer ample room for visitors to explore and contemplate art alongside the clothing collections.

Notably, the third floor will house the Blackeyes Gallery, showcasing works by emerging artists. Despite its unconventional approach, this blending of fashion and art aligns with Songzio’s ethos as an avant-garde atelier. The garments will come from paintings on black canvases, emphasizing the brand’s unique creative process.

Paris & New York Flagships

In preparation for its flagship stores in Paris and New York, Songzio adopts distinct approaches to reflect the unique characteristics of each city.

In Paris, where the brand’s identity is well-established, the focus will be on infusing a dynamic, futuristic, and Eastern atmosphere. It promises a novel experience for visitors. Additionally, Paris will witness the debut of Songzio’s inaugural womenswear line, marking a significant milestone for the brand.

Conversely, the New York flagship aims to capture the essence of the bustling metropolis by incorporating pop art-inspired elements.

This departure from Songzio’s signature black aesthetic may be surprising, but the brand has a history of collaborations with iconic brands such as Disney, Snoopy, and Pixar’s “Toy Story”. Despite the contrast between Songzio’s subdued style and the flamboyance often associated with pop art, this endeavor will reflect the brand’s adaptability and willingness to push boundaries. It will ensure an engaging and vibrant experience for visitors in New York City.

Website: 송지오 SONGZIO

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