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Top Ten Graceful Korean Fashion Influencers To Follow On Instagram

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Korean style is just so ethereal and beautiful. From their “vintage fashioning infused in the modern era” and “the tranquil yet unique street look” and “oversized-baggy unisex combination” to their “invincible fad styles.” Koreans are very clear about what and how their aesthetic should look like. Their way is unique and the most wanted style of the world or, in other words, a fashion style with a hint of rock as well as the gentle winds. If you are looking for the best Korean-style fashion influencers you have come to the right place. Here is the list of the top ten incredible Korean fashion influencers to follow on Instagram. Be sure to check them out!

1. Irene Kim ( @ireneisgood )

Irene is a 33-year-old, American-born Korean fashion influencer from being the host of the most popular Korean fashion and beauty programs like the k-styles. With more than 2 million followers on Instagram, Irene Kim is the queen of her fashion influencing, media establishment, modeling, acting, styling, and digital content creation. 

2. Nara Kim ( @naras._ )

Seoul-based artist Nara Kim is the most beautiful queer fashion influencer, creator, stylist, and model. In addition to this, she also has a stylist duo creation named @styledbycherinara on Instagram. Her style is bold and edgy, which makes her different from others. She, after all, is the woman crush and inspiration of all the queer modern youth.

3. Sunghoon Jung ( @jsunghoon 

Sunghoon is a very well-known male Korean fashion influencer with about 191,546 followers on Instagram. He also enjoys experimenting with his extensive concoction of dress suits, wobbly shirts, fur jackets, and other sleek styles. He is one of the top Instagram fashion influencers in Korea and a perfect fount of fashion inspiration for the fresher generation too. 

4. Jiwoo (@mejiwoo)

She is not only an influencer, fashion designer, or entrepreneur but also has her clothing line at She also runs her channel as “mejiwoo” on youtube and has 910+ subscribers. With all these creations, she also enjoys her popularity for being an elder sister to a BTS member, Jung Ho-seok. With over 5 million followers on Instagram, she is also the creative director of the fashion brand called “AJ LOOK.” As you see, Jiwoo has no limits and is ready to get more of the world as one of the best Korean fashion influencers.

4. Haena Song ( @songhaena )

Being one of Korea’s top models, Haena Song loves to experiment with her fashion styles for over 197k followers on Instagram. She is the model for different fashion houses and brands and is very particular about her aesthetics. We all are just crazy about her new half-cut, pink blonde hairstyle at the moment. She is one of the most beautiful fashion influencers to follow on the ‘gram. We all should take fashion inspiration from her!

5. Park Sora ( @sora_pppp)

Park Sora is the major ambassador of the Korean makeup brand 3CE. Her style is effortless and elegant at the same time. Not only this, but Sora is also an entrepreneur, fashion stylist, influencer, and a model for the brand “Stylenanda.” She loves exploring glamorous and exotic places. To summarise, she has a very cool, sexy, and casual look for all types of clothing, from beachwear to corporate wear. With a massive following of 1 million on Instagram, she loves to experiment with her fashion styles all the time. 

7. Risabae ( @risabae_art )

She is bold, but she is sweet, and we love her for that. As it says on her Instagram username, it’s not even fashion or makeup; it’s the art, her exceptional and unmatchable art. She has also collaborated with so many brands, for example, in Tom Ford, Chanel, Mac Cosmetics, Maybelline – call it, and she has almost certainly worked alongside it. If you’ve never watched Risabae’s makeup renovation videos, you will be amazed when you watch one. And what exactly is there not to like? She is an excellent example of an influencer who does not need to lay bare her body for people to follow her. She is an art, that’s it.

8. Kim Won-joong ( @keemwj )

Another male fashion influencer, Kim Won-joong, is the most handsome fashion influencer and a content creator with over 315k massive followers on Instagram. Not only this, but he also has his big design, shop, and retail styling chain at @87mm_official, @official_mmlg, and @mo.essential on the app. Kim is the most versatile fashion blogger and heart of the young generation. He is breath-taking.

9. Cheri ( @cheristyle_)

She is the fashion creator, blogger, model, and stylist with Kim Nara at @stylewithcherrynara on Instagram. Based in Seoul and London, she has a massive Instagram following. She is often found collaborating with different Korean brands and shops. She even styles other influencers like her, and most of them are the vocalists and group of dancers, massive, right? Yes, that’s her own artistry and the sole reason why one should follow her.

10. Choi Jin-heon ( @d.of.j.c)

With his massive following of 574k (and counting), Choi Jin-heon is a very famous fashion influencer and inspiration for the menfolk. With his unique styling, weird combinations and aesthetic, bold, heroic styles, soft yet bold masculine, he is never afraid to try it all. Follow him for the dose of up and down inspiration he does with a very intricate and refined delicacy. 

To sum up, from all parts of the world, there is this one group of influencers that never fails to drop down in action and global fame through their incredible personalities, signature styles, and exclusive aesthetic lifestyle. 

Korean influencers are always portrayed as the world’s most multi-talented creators.  They combine the K-beauty aesthetic effortlessly. By effortless we mean, being perfectly groomed and flawless glowing skin, extra talents, and otherworldly beautifications. This is not to say that their style inspirations are not wearable or unmatchable, but are unique enough, to try and create a difference in this fashion era. These Korean fashion influencers are remarkable and have displayed it in their hard work over the years and are covetable enough for us to follow and never get over them for life.

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