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A Beginner’s Guide To K-Beauty With 3CE

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K-beauty is taking the world by storm, and the popularity of Korean beauty products is ever-rising. Korean influencers are creating beauty and fashion trends which the world is following! People from South Korea have gorgeous skin tones, and the flawless, dewy skin requires minimal makeup, all thanks to the K-beauty regime and products. It’s not just about genetics, but they have worked hard to achieve this glass skin. You can check out our beginner’s guide to K-beauty with 3CE products and achieve your very own dewy skin.

Korean beauty brands like 3CE or 3 Concept Eyes are not the inventors of the famed K-beauty products, but they are the innovators in the same space. These innovators are bridging the gap between skincare and makeup products.

So, what are these K-beauty products, and as a beginner, what are some of the sample K-beauty products from 3CE that you can add to your skincare routine? Read our beginner’s guide to better understand K-beauty and how you can use K-beauty products to achieve the most benefits for the skin.


Moisturizers are one of the most important products in any skincare routine for achieving naturally glowing skin. If you think that you need highlighters to make your skin glow, you are incorrect in your belief. And moisturizers are a must, no matter your skin type. You just have to find the right one for your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, you need moisturizing night creams to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized when you wake up.

3CE White Milk Cream. k-beauty 3ce

There are different types of K-beauty moisturizers like regular moisturizers, tinted moisturizers, or even moisturizing primers. You can even choose a skin brightening and hydrating moisturizer like 3CE White Milk Cream. This K-beauty moisturizer from 3CE is a dual product that is a skincare and makeup product all-in-one.

BB Creams

BB Creams have been around for a long time. Did you know that they are like an all-in-one product that can be your primer, foundation, sunscreen, and moisturizer! This one product will make your makeup routine much more effortless and simple.

3CE Back to Baby BB Cream

Try 3CE Back to Baby BB Cream that will give you good coverage and is quite lightweight in texture. The K-beauty BB cream is perfect for all weathers for normal to combination skin types.

Lip Tint

Lip tints are more common in South Korea as they give your lips a more natural finish than lipstick. Lip tints also make you look younger and make your lips as you’ve just sucked on a cherry!

3CE Plumping Lips k-beauty 3ce

It is as simple as it gets when it comes to K-beauty. You just have to apply the K-beauty lip tints in the center and then gently smudge them with your fingers to the sides. Try 3CE Plumping Lips if you want something that makes your lips look plumper with some excellent pigmentation. It is a long-lasting formulation that will stay on throughout the day!

Final Thoughts

To look like your favorite K-pop idols and K-drama stars, you need to work on your skin rather than focussing on layering makeup. And, to do that, you need to do it the Korean way! K-beauty products from brands like 3CE will help you achieve the dewy, glass-like skin where you won’t even need makeup!

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