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Aurora Nails From Korea Are The Next Big Thing!

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‘Aurora’ nails, like a highlighter for your nails, from South Korea are the perfect manicure for upcoming spring!

‘Aurora’ nails aren’t completely new for 2021 and have been around since last year. This latest manicure trend is inspired by the Aurora Borealis or commonly known as the Northern Lights. This Korean nail art trend has a fantastic kaleidoscopic effect. It shimmers and changes colors with even a slight movement of hands.

The name of the nail art comes from its appearance as it looks like the majestic and gorgeous Northern Lights.

What are Aurora Nails?

The hashtag #오로라네일 is simply ‘Aurora nails’ in Korean Hangeul script. You can see more than 140,000 posts on Instagram! Even the English version #AuroraNails has 70,000 posts.

Aurora nail art uses metallic gel nail polishes, and they contain magnetic particles. A magnetic wand is waved over the nails to create the Aurora pattern, and a swirling pattern emerges. This Korean nail art trend is something that looks great even if you have short nails. You can try the gorgeous manicure at home by using brands like Live Love Polish and KBShimmer.

The iridescent look of the nails will remind you of sea shells, mermaid tails from fairytales, and even the spectacular light show of the sky. Thanks to the shimmering finish, the Aurora nails are particularly mesmerizing to look at! They create a futuristic effect on nails and its a easy nail art trend.

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