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Latest From Korea’s Leading Cosmetic Brand, ROK-Biotech – A Multifunctional All-In-One Sterilizing and Moisturizing Cream

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Launched in January 2021, Dr. M-KIN Anti-V Hand Cream from a leading cosmetic brand in Korea, ROK-Biotech, is an all-in-one product that offers hand sterilization, skin protection, and moisturization in one single product.

Dr. M-KIN Anti-V Hand Cream 

It can kill 99.9% of bacteria according to a series of tests by the Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR). It is also 99% effective against Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). According to the tests, it comes under the non-irritation category (0.00) and is completely safe for human skin.

The pandemic has made sanitizers a regular part of our lives. As we use sanitizers (70% ethanol), it makes our hands dry and also has other negative effects. To tackle this problem, ROK-Biotech has developed Dr. M-KIN Anti-V Hand Cream.

Dr. M-KIN Anti-V Hand Cream

The cream pays special attention to moisturization effect on hands with the help of ingredients like ceramide and hyaluronic acid. It is a perfect product for winters as Centella asiatica extract helps in recovering from frostbites. It is a hypoallergenic product that is well suited for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

According to the Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR), it effectively reduces excess sebum and oil from the skin. It also improves blemishes and skin texture.

What Makes ROK-Biotech Special?

As the demand for natural cosmetics is increasing during the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world, ROK-Biotech is filling up that requirement. People are looking for natural products with functional properties and that includes several types of household items and food products. ROK-Biotech from Korea is becoming popular for its natural products with excellent antibacterial and antiviral properties. Recently, they are even developing products using molecular biology tools.

Even now, the company is working on something new that’ll be ready for launch in second half of 2021. Currently, they are researching the development of cosmetic products that utilize stem cells-derived exosomes. It is a collaborative project with the Biopharmaceutical Research Center in Jeollanam-do, Korea.

About ROK-Biotech

ROK-Biotech is a revolutionary biotech company that is focused on making functional products focussing on consumer needs by utilizing molecular technology. There are two main sub-divisions of the company – MoRoots and M-KIN.

MoRoots is all about hair care. Mo is the Chinese word for hair. MoRoots means roots of the hair and healthy hair roots.

M-KIN comes from combining the words ‘Miracle+Skin’ meaning ‘Creates miracle products for your skin’.

M-KIN ACN+ BerberineTotal care Line

All the M-KIN products combine the goodness of natural ingredients that are well researched.

Professional researchers directly study the efficacy through scientific research methods and prove their safety through specialized clinical trial organizations like KTR. It makes consumers more confident about using these amazing products.

The new products from M-KIN contain natural oriental herbal ingredients such as extracts of Coptis Chinensis and Anthriscus sylvestris. Ingredients like these give the cosmetics some natural and functional benefits like excellent sebum control, anti-inflammation properties, and even anti-bacterial effects.

The brand pursues its own path as a cosmetic brand specializing in natural oriental ingredients that don’t cause skin irritation. The company researches continuously to find various natural functional materials and technologies for the development of these ingredients by investing in R&D.

rok biotech Korea M-KIN

MoRoots Scalp Management Hair Line

MoRoot Scalp Management Hairline is a collection of natural, hypoallergenic herbal hair care products that are made with the highest priority on the health of the scalp and the maximum convenience for customers. The products are developed through a very scientific approach as per ROK-Biotech’s philosophy.

The herbal composition of the products is based on natural substances developed through molecular biological exploration methods. Through specialized research on follicle cells and scalp, they have even developed follicle and hair follicle cell activation promoting substances from natural extracts.

rok biotech Korea MoRoots

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