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Koru Pharmaceuticals’ Mesohemp – A New Skincare Line With Hemp Seed Oil

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The K-beauty industry entered the market with a bang, churning out improved products almost every day. The Korean beauty industry is introducing the world to natural products and plant-based ingredients, with all of their work based on either traditional medicine or scientific research. With its global acceptance and craze-like adoption, an increasing number of pharmaceutical companies are venturing into the production of beauty-related products. These companies only need to advance the research and produce sensational beauty concoctions because the infrastructure is already in place. Koru Pharmaceutical is one such K-beauty company venturing into the beauty game with a new skincare product made with a Korean hybrid of a hemp plant.

What Is Koru Pharmaceuticals’ Hemp Seed Oil?

This company is well-known for its anti-aging and skin rejuvenation products. They work on masks, fillers, and products related to mesotherapy. They made a new line of products – Mesohemp – from a Korean hybrid of hemp that was created by combining cannabis from the Netherlands and home-grown hemp.

Hemp oil is made by crushing the seeds of the hemp plant. They extract the best hemp oil through a cold-pressing process that does not damage any of the oil’s delicate components. This oil has many benefits and should not be confused with hash oil, which is derived from its close relative.

Benefits And Features of Mesohemp Products

Koru Pharmaceuticals’ primary goal in developing this product line is to capitalize on the popularity and benefits of CBD oil in the beauty industry. With projections that this market will soon account for 10% of the beauty market, Koru Pharma has released six products in the categories of sunscreen, creams, sheet masks, and serum, among others. Since the ban on the use of CBD oil for cosmetic purposes was lifted in 2018, Korea has also expanded its presence in this market. 

Mesohemp Hemp Seed Oil Face Mask

A soothing sheet mask that reduces facial tension and evens out skin tone. One full bottle of hemp seed oil, ampule, is used to make each mask. The sheet is made of organic bamboo and blends into the skin. This product is non-reactive and suitable for people with sensitive skin. It reduces wrinkles and restores the skin’s water-oil balance. One advantage of using this mask is that it has anti-recurrence properties. It firms the face by increasing elasticity, and it also improves skin tone when used regularly. It is beneficial in the treatment of tired, dull, and worn-out skin. The smell of hemp is also calming for the nerves and eases the mind. Use one every day and watch your face feel young and your mind fresh and active.

Mesohemp Serum

This serum is hemp oil at its best. Lightweight, soothing, and full of hydrating properties, this serum is suitable for both your day and nighttime routines. It has sunflower seed oil, Citric Acid, Tocopherol, and hempseed oil, which increase elasticity with hemp oil. The oils together have a calming effect on the skin and help to rejuvenate the skin. You do not need to use an enormous amount of this serum as it spreads easily and has a non-sticky formula. You will feel fresh, and your skin will be babylike upon regular use—an excellent product for stressed, dry, or sensitive skin. You can use it to control excess oil secretion as well.    

The Way Forward for Koru’s Hemp Seed Oil Line

The acceptance of hemp-based beauty and skincare products in this market is high, providing a good boost to the company’s initial sales and revenue. While the product originated in South Korea, its first sale was in the United States and Canada. European countries such as France, Germany, and the United Kingdom are the next targets. South America is also on their radar, but they have finalized nothing as of yet. As of now, the product is only available through online media. While they currently only have a few products in this line, they plan to expand their portfolio based on market feedback.

Wrapping Up!

Hemp seed oil will be around for a long time. With newly discovered healing properties, you will see more of this product in cosmetics and medicine. It is a one-time treatment for all of your skin problems and is non-reactive to the skin. If you have stubborn acne or spots, give Koru Pharmaceuticals’ line a try; you will not be disappointed.

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