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3DAMO – The Best Korean Product to Groom Yourself

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3DAMO is a natural cosmetic company from Korea that produces and sells nature-friendly cosmetics including scalp care, makeup, and skincare products.

Like all mammals, humans also have hair on their bodies. Luscious, strong, and clean scalp hair defines your personality and imparts confidence. Similarly, the hair on the eyebrows and eyelashes creates beauty standards in the 21st century. This set of hair is precious, and people long for thick eyelashes and defined eyebrows. While there are many products in the market, the products by 3DAMO stand out from the rest. 

What is 3DAMO?

Founded in 1997, 3DAMO is a South Korean company making hair and skincare products. It started as a textile manufacturing organization but ventured into making hair loss and scalp development products in 2006. In 2011 the company took the name 3DAMO.Co. Ltd. They have a highly competent team of researchers that incorporate natural ingredients into skin and hair care products. As of 2017, this organization has gathered many certificates and licenses under the government of South Korea. It works with the vision of putting its customer first and giving them seamless customer service. 

3DAMO Product Range

3DAMO makes products that are skin-friendly and convenient for people of all skin types. Their skincare line work on eye care, scalp care, and facial skincare. They also have a makeup line with hypo-allergic products. 

Eye Care

The Natural Nutrition Eye Tonic is an eye care product from 3DAMO. They make it with naturally sourced ingredients that give volume to lifeless and thin eyebrows and eyelashes. Eyebrows are the highlighters of eyes, and well-defined eyebrows give character to the eyes. The herbal ingredients in this product are green tea, mint, pine leaf extracts, and jujube. Both products are free of chemical preservatives, alcohol, or any pigment-providing component. Thus, making it less irritating to the eyes. The ingredients nourish the hair roots of the eyelashes and eyebrows, making them lush.

Scalp Care

Under the hair care line, this company makes Cream Soap and a Hair Tonic. These products have jujube extract, pine extracts, mint extracts, and green tea extracts as their core ingredients. Hair cream is a shampoo that uses the power of its herbal ingredients and exfoliates the scalp to remove dead skin. The shampoo promotes the re-growth of hair and moisturizes the scalp from within, and the mint extracts keep the head cool, reducing inflammation and excess sebum secretion. The Hair Tonic is lightweight and promotes hair growth along with treating any underlying scalp conditions. Both these products are hypoallergenic and made for the modern generation that has less time at hand. Scalp care products from 3DAMO are suitable for both kids and adults as they do not cause tears or itching.

3damo hair care

Skin Care

There are five products under the skincare range of 3DAMO. Manuka honey is their key ingredient, and so they called this line Manucera Moist. The entire range comprises a toner, an emulsion, an essence, a barrier protecting cream, and a Manucera Radiance Water Essence. Nourishing and age deifying ingredients in the skincare range like ceramide strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. Mandarin extract clarifies the skin with its anti-oxidation properties. Laminaria japonica extracts provide moisture to the skin, and Manuka honey restores skin elasticity, making it look youthful. All products in this line are hypoallergenic and lightweight on the face.

Makeup Line

3DAMO also has two products in their makeup line; the Long-wear eyeliner and the Long-wear eyebrow pencil. Both these products create a magical and iconic look that lasts the entire day. These products are suitable for all skin types except for people with any underlying skin conditions. 

3damo makeup
In the end!

Created from the most effective sources of nature, 3DAMO brings forward affordable and helpful skincare products. If your skin needs nourishment, but you have no time to indulge in lengthy spa treatments or make your herbal portion, buy products from this company and treat yourself to the best natural ingredients and their benefits.   

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