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Ingredients Spotlight: Spicules in K-Beauty Products

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Discover the benefits of spicules in K-Beauty products and how they can help you achieve healthier, clearer, and more youthful-looking skin. 

Spicules are an ingredient unfamiliar to several people, and even beauty influencers do not know much about them. The question is, are spicules actually that rare? Or are they just underrated? 

Spicules are a needle-like ingredient, most commonly found in sponges, and it’s not at all rare, just underrated. Those concerned about the beauty of their skin and skincare influencers use it most often and without even knowing about its presence. Spicules are used as an ingredient in many peeling products, such as face masks.¬†They are derived from sponges, and the spicules that are present in K-beauty products are mostly extracted from marine sponge-like organisms.

Spicules as a Beauty Ingredient

Spicules have a lot of different and effective beauty benefits. It’s especially known for reducing and preventing the growth of wrinkles on your skin, especially on the face and other parts of your visible body. Spicules are also beneficial when it comes to the penetration of the skin. It’s observed through much research that creams and toners containing spicules make the cream’s ingredients reach even the deepest points of the skin to work more effectively.

Skincare Benefits of Spicules

Spicules have many skincare benefits, and it’s equally beneficial as other beauty Ingredients like ceramide and collagen. Some of its main beneficial properties are mentioned below:-

  • Helps to reduce and prevent the growth of wrinkles on your body.
  • Enhance the absorption properties of your skin for better absorption.
  • Helps the other ingredients to reach the deep pores of the skin for better nourishment.
  • Easily available among marine sponges, which makes it cheaper and easily available.

Spicules Infused K-beauty Products

C#AVI Spicule Cover Fit Cushion

C#AVI is a Korean beauty brand that is a joint venture of 5 different brands which came together with the sole aim of protecting the original beauty and pureness of people’s skin. The 5 venture companies have contributed the best of their technologies to develop products like Spicule Cover Fit Cushion through C#AVI. It covers your face to its complete potential and helps increase your skin’s absorption properties for better nourishment and glow.

Spicules in K-Beauty Products

WellDerma TeaTree Soothing Herb Mask

TeaTree Soothing Herb mask is one of the most trusted products from WellDerma. Tea Tree soothing mask is an excellent organic mask with the properties of green tea leaves. Green tea extracts act as one of the most useful ingredients when it comes to deep cleaning of the deepest skin pores. This soothing herbal mask is built with 5 elements like hyaluronic acid, green tea powder, tea tree leaves, perennial artemisia, and of course, spicules. These five elements work best when it comes to restoring skin strength and deep cleansing. This mask is specially built with cooling properties that help in calming your skin.

PURIPIA Reborn Cream

PURIPIA eraser reborn cream provides a dual solution for wrinkles and skin pigmentation. This cream will lead to the improvement of wrinkles while brightening your skin tone. It also prevents skin aging by reducing old keratin. This cream contains spicules, collagen, Vitamin C, and elastin. All these ingredients penetrate deeply into your skin, making it more effective and efficient. To use this cream, first, you need to clean up the troubled area, then gently massage this cream over it. Do not use any other product for the next 24 hours to make the spicules more effective. 

9Wishes Pine Ampule Serum

Pine Ampule Serum is specially designed for the concern of nutrient absorption. Many serums have natural ingredients that are beneficial for your skin, but your skin does not completely absorb these ingredients. Still, Pine Ampule Serum eliminates this problem as it contains spicules (sponge extracts) that work best to enhance the absorption properties of your skin. Along with pine leaf extracts, this serum also has Broccoli and green tea extracts, which provides a refreshing glow to your face and also works best for Pore resizing.

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