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Happy Moonday Inc. – Korean Startup Spearheading Female Healthcare

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Happy Moonday Inc is a Korean startup catering to female healthcare through organic sanitary pads and a subscription service.

Happy Moonday Inc is a Korean startup dedicated to improving women’s healthcare. The company provides organic sanitary pads and a subscription service to make the menstrual cycle experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. Happy Moonday is committed to using only the highest quality, natural, and environmentally friendly materials in its products to ensure women’s health and well-being are at the forefront of its mission. With a focus on sustainability, affordability, and comfort, Happy Moonday is changing the game in the world of female healthcare and providing women with a better alternative to traditional sanitary pads. 

In the current era, people know that menstruation is not a thing to be ashamed of, and using sanitary pads for the same purpose is not shameful either. Menstruation is a tough time for every woman; they suffer from cramps and many different problems. With these problems, it’s not easy for them to buy sanitary pads and other necessary things for themselves. Even many women who generally remain busy are not able to keep their menstruation cycle in check. Mensuration is serious, and all women must take proper care of themselves during these periods.

All these problems now have a solution, and the solution is “Happy Moonday Inc.” It’s a Korean company that was started by two Korean women when they were in their 20s. Being women themselves, they understood these problems better than anyone else ever could and came up with this Brand.

What is Happy Moonday?

Happy Moonday is a Korean Company started in 2017. The main aim of the founders behind this startup was to provide aid to all women. Yes, all women because every woman has to go through the menstruation cycle during their life. The things like sanitary pads that women need during their menstruation period are currently produced and sold by a lot of different brands. 

Production cost and maximize profit. Many of these brands use chemicals and other non-skin-friendly materials such as rayon to produce their pads to lower theirs. These products become very harmful for use during menstruation. To overcome these issues, Happy Moonday came up with sanitary pads which are made with the purest quality material and without the use of any chemicals to provide you with safe and eco-friendly sanitary pads that can change your life by making your menstruation period easier and safer.

Happy Moonday Subscription System

Happy Moonday is not just an ordinary brand that produces sanitary pads. Instead, it’s a brand that takes the possible care of every woman during their menstruation period. Most women cannot keep records of their menstruation dates and fail to predict their menstruation dates in the upcoming months. Happy Moonday is the solution for all of this with a subscription system. 

This subscription system helps all women keep good track of their menstruation dates. It completely analyses the health and stress levels of the subscribers to check any natural interference that may cause delay or before the date measurement. Not only this, but this Korean startup also facilities home delivery of hygienic and comfortable sanitary pads according to your menstruation dates. This subscription system ensures that you face no problems or shortages during your menstruation period.

Why Happy Moonday Products?

Choosing Happy Moonday sanitary pads and products over others can make a big difference in your life. Switching to these Korean products won’t just help protect nature with its eco-friendly products but will also enhance your experience with its pads. Happy Moonday has four different varieties/sizes of sanitary pads – Medium type, Large type, Long Liner type and Overnight type. 

The products are a complete set of eco-friendly and irritation-free sanitary pads to ease your pain during mensuration. All these pads are built with organic cotton and without the use of any synthetic fibers. It suits those women who suffer from irritation while using their ordinary sanitary pads. The cotton this Korean femtech startup uses is of the purest quality and is clinically certified. The quality of these pads is also KFDA-approved. These pads do not have fertilizer-grown ingredients, perfumes, heavy metals or whitening extracts.

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