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Aesty – A Cordless Hair Styling Iron from South Korea

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Get a flat hair styling iron by Aesty, which delivers a seamless styling experience that surpasses others in the industry with its pioneer technology!

Hairstyles are a prominent part of your personality, and many people try to choose what hairstyle they want. While some people want to keep one hairstyle all the time, others want to change it frequently. Regardless, you always need a high-quality hair flat iron to achieve your desired hairstyle. Find out more about the precise hair styling offered by Aetsy – a Samsung accelerated powerful cordless hair styling iron. 

Overview of MANGOSLAB

Mangoslab is a tech startup based in Seongnam-Si, South Korea. Samsung Electronics accelerate this company. Moreover, it is an in-house venture C-lab. Mangoslab has its own spin on the thermal technology they use to develop its thermal devices. On top of that, the company has also specialized in battery control. As a result, they have introduced Aesty, a premium cordless flat iron. We will talk more about Aesty in this article. 

Apart from Aesty, Mangoslab has another product Nemonic. Moreover, this company has collaborated on many projects, such as Altos Business Group, Jellop, Kickbooster, etc. 

This startup company has a promising future with its products. This claim is only strengthened by the fact that Samsung Electronics accelerate the company.

What is Aesty Dual Heater?

Aesty is a flat iron with dual heater thermal technology that keeps your hair healthy and strong. The manufacturer used premium titanium heating plates for instant heating and safety precaution. With Aesty, users can achieve their style quickly and set the desired temperature. The temperature control is robust and will not have any fluctuation issues. Above all, Aesty gives less damage to hair due to its precise temperature and fast styling function.

Aesty Samsung hair styling iron

Other leading brands do not properly provide heat to all hair areas. As a result, the effectiveness of their iron flat is not great. However, with Aesty, you can achieve proper heat in all parts of your hair with one stroke. That is not the case with other products. More often than not, you have to use the product over the same area to maintain the temperature of the hair. Aesty has in-house dual heater technology that maximizes heat transformation.

Features of Aesty Heaters

One of the best features of Aesty is that it comes without any cord. Yes, the cordless convenience of this product makes it portable and a better option than others. You can use it wherever in your home. Not just that, you can use it in a hotel, car, and office anytime. The heater does not require to be plugged in while using. It is a perfect companion for traveling and for any other occasion.

The precise luxury design of this product also comes with practicality. It regulates the heat by measuring the temperature 150 times per second. With this amount of preciseness, you will always get consistent heating. On top of that, the heating is intelligent by measuring the temperature in real time. 

Gliding can be cumbersome on standard hair straighteners and can damage your hair. Aesty is smooth like butter; it glides smoothly and will not give any snagging. As a result, you can achieve the style you want easily. Above all, you won’t have to go through the same strands repeatedly. You will not damage your hair by giving it too much heat. 

Final Thoughts

Aesty is an amazing hair straightener that gives the best hairstyle and healthy hair. The company has worked with its hair iron development partners for more than a decade. As a result, they are able to achieve a premium quality product that is better than other hair iron. Aesty has intuitive technology inside of it, especially the precision control system. You need to try this product to get amazing hair. 

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