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5 Best Korean Eyebrow Pencils

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Are you in love with Korean Beauty products? And now you are here for some amazing Korean eyebrow pencils? Look no further than our list here.

Eyebrows are a very appealing feature of our face, and they can make or break the beauty of the other make-up we have. The way you draw your eyebrows and the brand you are using holds a lot of importance. 

There are plenty of Korean eyebrow pencils available in the market, but here are our five best eyebrow pencils.

5 Best Korean Eyebrow Pencils

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil

With Etude House, you can have natural-looking eyebrows that do not smudge even on a sunny day. This drawing eyebrow pencil has a triangle tip that allows you to create a precise stroke of brows that blends perfectly with the actual eyebrows. The compound contains vitamin E, which helps moisturize your brows throughout the day. Moreover, your eyebrows will have a smooth texture and will have a natural feeling to them. 

The product can be in usage even at high temperatures, meaning the chances of smudging issues are minimal. There is an exaggeration of pigmentation, and it is buildable. Hence, it gives you control over its color saturation.  

best korean eyebrow pencils

YRYM HT Tattoo Eyebrow Pen

YRYM HT Tattoo Eyebrow Pen has a unique design with three sharp tips that can make your brows quickly. It comes in four colors: brown, chestnut, black, and dark grey. The microblading pen will let you make even strokes that also look very seamless. You can also use YRYM HT on natural-looking eyebrows without any issue. Other main highlights of this eyebrow pen are that it is waterproof, sweat-proof and last long. When using the pen, make sure that you keep the lid on to avoid any dryness. Above all, it is an amazing tattoo eyebrow pen suitable for all types of eyebrows and is very easy to use.   

Lioele Auto Eyebrow

The Lioele Auto Eyebrow has a tilted head for ergonomic purposes. It allows the user to make perfect eyebrows even if the user is not a professional. The texture goes smoothly on the brows giving it a creamy consistency throughout. The color of this eyebrow pen stays for a long period, making it a one-time use product for the day. Rothough Lioele is particularly suitable for those who dislike unnaturally dark eyebrows. The shade will compliment your hair amazingly if you are a brunette. 

Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Eyebrow Pencil

Holika Holika Wonder is an aggressive color payoff pencil, and it is great for adding layers on top of natural eyebrows. This eyebrow pencil comes in various shades of brown, and all of them are suitable for eyebrow color. The tip has a triangle shape allowing users to use the tip in more than one way to color brows. The smoothness will make you create consistent strokes and comb your brows simultaneously. The unique feature of this brow is that you can specify the color parts of the brows instead of coloring the whole area. 

best korean eyebrow pencils

Pony Effect Sharping Brow Definer

All the eyebrow pencils on our list have a decent tip to make the eyebrows. But the Pony Effect Sharping brow definer we have here has a 1.5mm tip that gives you an extra edge in making very sharp strokes. The strokes this brow definer produces are equivalent to actual hair. On the other side of the pen, there is a spoolie brush to shape the brows and give an overhaul to them. It has three color variants – deep brown, ash brown and natural brown. Above all, you don’t need any touch in the middle of the since the color stays throughout the day. 

best korean eyebrow pencils

These are the best Korean eyebrow pencils that you can get today. If you want precise strokes, then Pony Effect is the one. If you want something light, then you should go for Lioele. You can check which one suits your eyebrows the most and purchase them directly from the given links!

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