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Top 5 Must-Have Korean Beauty Products for a Fresh-Faced Summer Look

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Sunglasses are out, and the sun has come knocking at your door to announce the arrival of summer. While this time of the year is associated with heat, sweat, and sometimes even humidity, these are no excuses for you to look musty and unkept this season. The Korean Beauty industry is well aware of the problems one faces during this hot season and curates products to let you have a fresh face even in the heat. Get your summer look with the below-given must-have Korean beauty products and set your Instagram ablaze. 

#1 KAHI Wrinkle Bounce Blemish Ampoule

KAHI is a famous skincare brand that makes the Wrinkle Bounce Ampoule with collagen from Salmon. This ampoule is ideal for cooling the skin off with just one spray. Solving the problem of dryness and aging caused by wearing surgical masks all day, this mist slows down the aging process and makes the skin vibrant. There is 86.5% collagen in this product, which is visible as a separate layer. This mist reduces wrinkles and aging signs and rejuvenates the skin in the summer heat. 

#2 Botanic Heal boH Derma Defense Hyaluronic Sun Milk SPF50+/PA++++

The most skin-friendly cosmetic for a hot summer day, this one is a powerful sunscreen. The Derma Defence by Olive Young is the ideal cream that comes with Botanical Heal technology. It is a strong sun protector with SPF 50++ and PA+++ and comes with a mineral ray filter. It does not leave a white cast on the skin and is rightly called Sun Milk. They make it with water ceramide to reduce signs of aging and hyaluronic acid that hydrate the skin. 

#3 Tony Moly The Shocking Cushion

This product from Tony Moly comes in six different types. This range has various coverage options like Glow coverage, Tone UP coverage, Trouble coverage, Extreme Coverage, Waterful Coverage, and sebum coverage. They make it with glycerine and SPF 50++ and PA+++ to provide extra sun protection during the humid summer. The powder gives maximum face coverage, and the sponge works on all angles of the face. 

#4 Manyo Factory Bifida Complex Ampoule

Use it with a mask or individually; this ampoule is full of bacterial goodness. The Bifida and Lactobacillus combination in the formula creates a probiotic environment on the skin that heals redness and removes skin impurities. This combination of bacteria reduces fine lines and increases skin elasticity and moisture levels. You will get a fresh and radiant look for the summer with this ampoule. This magical portion boosts ceramide production and does not cause any skin irritation or stinging sensation. 

#5 Missha M Magic Cushion Cover Lasting

From the house of MISSHA comes a product that will make your summer vows go away. It gives a semi-matte finish and comes with SPF50++. The glycerine in this product provides moisture to the skin and prevents it from drying out. This cushion does not make skin darker, and you get a smooth and lasting look. It will cover all spots and blemishes, leaving a uniform texture on the skin. This product comes in four shades, so take your pick and enjoy a fresh look this summer.

To Wrap It Up!

Summer is harsh but does not shy away from the outdoors with these skin-friendly Korean beauty cosmetic products. Get your products now and get that envious fresh summer look.

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