Best Traditional Korean Crafts You Can Get Online

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If you are looking for handicrafts made from pieces of shellfish or something simpler like portraits, Korean traditional crafts have all types of designs from various materials and inspirations. Even some of the crafts are made from waste. Unlike other forms of art, the Korean crafts preserved throughout Korea’s history can reveal insights into their everyday culture. There are various levels of Korean culture that you can experience and imagine through these fantastic Korean traditional crafts.

You will always find something interesting when looking for traditional crafts from Korea. The country is filled with rich culture and artistic history, so you will find many special crafts things here. To help you figure out which type of Korean traditional crafts to get, we have curated the ultimate best Korean traditional crafts you can get online. 

We made this list considering that you admire Korean culture and its tradition and can go above & beyond to get it.  

Best Traditional Crafts You Can Get Online

Zainer – Knife Fish

A fine piece of modern blacksmith always holds much value as a traditional Korean craft. Zainer is a Korean brand that makes knife fish that includes the technology and culture behind its production. The piece of knife we have here is called Knife fish, and as the name suggests, it is in the form of a Fish. This work of craft is executed by a blacksmith and a disciple from Pocheon City.

The disciple is from Lee Light Source and Forge in the Forest in Pocheon City. This city has a traditional blacksmith crafts history for 40 years. While the Knife fish from Zainer exists as a showcase, it can also be used as a kitchen utensil. You can certainly use it to create something extra special cuisine for you and your family. Zainer – Knife Fish cost 400,000 won ($350).

Mimyohan – Custom Made Wedding Portrait

When it comes to Korean traditional crafts, it does not necessarily have to be something made of hard material. There is an endless amount of creativity in Korean traditional crafts that delivers unique designs and art. Mimyohan Korean craft is fully made out of paper, and it is particularly made for couples. You can get it as a cute wedding gift that also resembles Korean culture. It comes with a robust frame that is 3.6 cm thick and measures 10×15 cm in length and breadth, respectively.

The process of making this custom-made wedding portrait is simple, which allows the artist to create tons of pieces in a short period. As a customer who is interested in getting this portrait, all you have to do is to send the wedding photo. The company has a website [email protected] where you can make an order. The cost of Mimyohan – Custom Made Wedding Portrait is 38,000 won ($33).

Re;You – Traditional Knot Phone Case Strap

Almost everyone in this owns a smartphone, and with that, there are some essentials that you also need. One of them is a phone case that you need to protect your phone from getting dents and scratches. The Re;You on our list has a traditional knot that you can attach to your phone case and give it a unique look. The knot looks amazing and can perfectly match your phone case. You can also purchase the knot separately, and that will cause you 20000 won. The case that comes with the knot is a jelly case, and the strap comes in 7 different colors. In addition, the metal attachment also comes in gold or silver colors. Re;You traditional knot phone case strap sells for 23,000 ($20).

Traditional Korean Crafts
Final thoughts

These crafts are exclusively available in limited numbers, and anyone can purchase them. For some who appreciate the Korean culture and its history, these are the perfect set of traditional crafts they can get. You won’t be disappointed with these crafts as they scream Korean tradition when looking at all angles. 

South Korea has an intriguing and dynamic tradition that stems from art and culture. There is no doubt that there are tons of other traditional crafts that you can get. However, we find out that these crafts are the ones to look out for and experience authentic Korean crafts from these items. Moreover, these traditional crafts are valuable and practical to some extent.

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