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Krave Beauty Discontinues Beet The Sun Sunscreen

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One of the customer’s favorite K-beauty brands, Krave Beauty, has officially discontinued Beet The Sun sunscreen. It is popularly known as The Beet Shield in the US. The brand’s founder, Liah Yoo, has given a full explanation behind discontinuing the sunscreen on her Instagram.

Sunscreen testing is a hot topic among skincare aficionados currently, but it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Krave Beauty, in its statement on Instagram, said, “At the end of last year, it was revealed that a number of manufacturers and independent testing labs have produced faulty results that do not match the product SPF claims.” It also quoted, “With that, several Korea-based skincare companies pulled their sunscreens in response to testing that showed their SPF ratings were not accurate.”

Liah You says that all the Krave Beauty products, including the sunscreens, are manufactured in Korea. And they are as effective as they claim. But, in light of all the issues and questions, they decided to run further independent tests so as to get the most information. They chose to work with several US-based third-party testing labs so that there is no possible conflict. This testing was supposed to verify the products’ efficacy, but the testing found that the sunblock “performed below our standards.” In the video, Liah explains all of this and apologizes for the low standards.

Liah also said while they are unable to disclose the complete details of the testing due to legalities. She assures the customers that it does have an SPF; it’s just that it isn’t as high as was promised. And, this is the reason why Krave Beauty is now discontinuing Beet The Sun sunscreen.

However, if you already have purchased the product after May 2020 restock, you can submit a full refund request on the brand website.

You can watch Liah Yoo’s complete video here:

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