Best Korean Subscription Boxes To Get In 2023

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Fan of everything from South Korea? Get your hands on these amazing and best Korean subscription boxes! Whether you like K-beauty, Korean food, Korean drama, K-pop, or just Korean culture, there’s a subscription box to fulfill all your desires!

Here are the best Korean subscription boxes you should get in 2023, especially if you can’t visit your favorite destination!

#1 Inspire Me Korea

Looking for a box that comes with a little bit of everything about Korea? Inspire Me Korea subscription box is just the perfect option!

What’s Inside? The box includes various items like snacks, Korean merchandise, skincare products, and even a culture magazine. All the stuff will certainly help you know more about the land of the morning calm.

Who Is It For? Inspire Me Korea subscription boxes are perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about Korea and its culture.

Price: Plans start from as low as $27

#2 Korean Snack Box

It is a box full of Korean snacks that you are certainly going to fall in love with! It will broaden your horizons and simply delight your tastebuds.

What’s Inside? Korean Snack Box brings to you some of the tastiest, most popular, and best-quality snacks straight from Korea. There’s candy, chocolate, jellies, chips, and more!

Who Is It For? Anyone who wants to try a few Korean flavors, as the snacks are certainly wild!

Price: Plans start from $24

korean snack box

#3 The K-Beauty Box

If you are a fan of K-beauty products, The K-Beauty Box will certainly give you several new products to add to your daily skincare routine.

What’s Inside? You get full-sized Korean beauty products from top beauty brands. It includes cleansers, serums, moisturizers, emulsions, creams, and more.

Who Is It For? This Korean subscription box is perfect for K-beauty newbies and fans alike.

Price: Subscription plans start as low as $30

korean beauty box

#4 Snack Fever

It’s a box full of fun things, including snacks from Korea. You can discover exclusive, fun, and delicious Korean snacks straight from Korea.

What’s Inside? It gives you a box full of 10-12 yummy Korean snacks that you can binge on every month! The best part, it includes at least 1 ramen or 1 ready-to-eat meal.

Who Is It For? Anyone who wants to try Korean food and wondering where to start.

Price: Plans start from as low as $39

korean food snackfever

#5 Daebak Box

It is a seasonal Korean subscription box service that brings you everything about Korean culture.

What’s Inside? There are 8-12 full-size premium products from K-beauty, skincare, fashion, Korean merchandise, and even K-pop.

Who Is It For? It is like an introductory box to everything Korea.

Price: Plans start from $50

daebak box

#6 FaceTory

The Korean Mask Box subscription box is ideal for all K-beauty fans, as you can get the best masks to try!

What’s Inside? A selection of curated 5-7 Korean sheet masks directly from Korea.

Who Is It For? K-beauty and skincare fans who want to explore the latest and greatest sheet masks from Korea

Price: Plans start from $12


#7 Piibu Box

Piibu Box is another K-beauty box that brings the best and latest Korean face masks straight to your door!

What’s Inside? Each box contains 6-10 face masks, including a variety of sheet masks that are hard to find anywhere else.

Who Is It For? Anyone who is looking to discover the hottest mask from Korea.

Price: Plans start from $18

piibu box

#8 Beauteque Monthly

Beauteque Monthly brings to you the Beauty Box and the Mask Maven, two different subscription options.

What’s Inside? Each Beauty Box contains six full-size products, including hair care, skincare, beauty tools, and more. Mask Maven is exclusively about sheet masks and sleeping packs.

Who Is It For? This Korean subscription box service is a hit amongst all K-beauty fans

Price: Plans start from $13

Beauteque Monthly

#9 BomiBox

BomiBox is a premium K-beauty box straight from the land of K-beauty. It is the perfect gateway to a glowing and radiant skin.

What’s Inside? You get eight full and deluxe size K-beauty skincare products. All the products are suitable for all skin types.

Who Is It For? Anyone who is up for trying any new skincare products from Korea.

Price: Plans start from $39

bomibox subscription box

#10 Sooni Pouch

Sooni Pouch delivers the best of K-beauty every month to your door.

What’s Inside? You get 6-8 full-size and deluxe samples of K-beauty products and a Deluxe Sample Skincare Set

Who Is It For? Perfect for K-beauty fans

Price: Plans start from $23

sooni pouch

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