CREAMO Smart Block – A Novel Coding Platform for Kids from A K-Startup

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CREAMO Smart Block is a novel and smart toy block coding platform developed as a replacement for conventional screen-based media and it integrates digital technologies with sensors into the building blocks.

Digital literacy is vital for today’s kids living in a world of AI and Industry 4.0. However, kids find it hard to grasp the nature of the digital environment when it comes to the intricate nature of learning in the digital world.

Kist is the first government-funded institute in Korea, established in 1996. They have received many awards and are the CES 2022 Innovation awards honoree. This startup company is in Seoul, Korea, and the CEO is Lee Seok.

Overview of CREAMO Inc./ Hanseo University

CREMO owns the intuitive smart blocks AI algorithm Kit that makes kids understand how logic and algorithm works. The KIST’s advanced technology present in the smart blocks cannot be obtained by any other identity period, and this is because CREAMO owns 13 patents both locally and globally. CREAMO is also interested in kindergarten steam education and software education for autistic kids.

KIST has been developing intelligent toys based on ICT technology since 2013. As time goes by, smart blocks have gained popularity, and in 2016, they were selected as one of the best IoT products of Korea in IT times. In 2017, KIST’s advanced technology-based CREAMO Inc was established, and the corporation launched smart blocks to understand algorithms and logic for kids. CREAMO globally launched its sets of smart blocks and toys in 2018, following the year of KIST’s advanced technology establishment. The company aims to commercialize smart interactive blocks and make them accessible to all spectrum of customers.

In conclusion, CREAMO AI algorithm Kit technologies provide wireless communication, independent power function, and interactive smart blocks based on IoT. The blocks are called Smart Blocks because of the IoT nature embedded in KIST’s advanced technology. All the blocks have sensors and software that interacts with other devices and systems with the help of the internet.

What is CREAMO AI Algorithm Kit?

CREAMO provides playing and learning together with the help of their intelligent interactive blocks. This AI-based algorithm Kit functions based on steam education platforms. Kids can make many things with the help of these blocks that have interactive features. Above all, the structures can communicate with each other wirelessly.

Inter CODI Kits provide intuitive and straightforward computing opportunities with the AI blocks. You can use scratch and entry education programming language block coding to practice the algorithm.

ADDi Block Standard Kit provides kids the experience of playing and having fun and, at the same time, learning about how blocks work. As a result, kids will learn logic and algorithm with ADDi blocks quicker than in conventional ways., there is no requirement for PC, laptops, or smartphones to interact with the blocks of ADDi.

CREAMO’s ADDi and Inter Codi blocks are compatible with Lego Duplo. The blocks can be connected from both sides, making it intuitive. Kids can create many unique designs with their creativity with smart interactive blocks. The blocks come in two sizes where one of the blocks is the same size as two Lego Duplo blocks combined. Kids can easily understand complex digital principles when interacting with the blocks. They can use the blocks’ function and build the structure they imagine. It is a fun way for kids to start testing their digital competencies.

creamo smart block

Motherboards with complex ports and sensors can be confusing for kids and even for grown-ups. As a result, CREAMO came up with their smart interactive blocks with Arduino board entry and scratch program. This program provides physical computing practice wirelessly. In addition, kids can start learning about computing quickly and have fun.


With CREAMO Smart Block, kids can imagine and make whatever they want. They will learn and understand various concepts while thinking they are playing and having fun. Conventional blocks have limited functionalities that become boring over time. On the other hand, CREAMO Smart blocks allow kids to go beyond their imagination and build creative structures. They are easy to use, have no wire connection, and you can even use the interactive blocks with other similar products.

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