SeeSo by VisualCamp: Now You Can Scroll With Your Eyes

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VisualCamp SeeSo is an eye-tracking technology from a Korean startup that will allow you to control your smart devices with just the movement of your eyes!

The human body is the most refined machine created by the universe. Everything in your body connects and makes sure that your system does not shut down. Harnessing the human features gives an edge to every inventor with their products. Visual Camp decided to use the sense of sight for understanding what users gaze at the most on a webpage. This data not only helps the various retail companies in providing the required product pop-ups. But the technology developed by Visual Camp also gives a lot of freedom to the users. This article will look into understanding the company and its state-of-the-art technology. 

About Visual Camp

VisualCamp is a technology-based organization founded in 2014. They develop eye-tracking algorithms for mobile usage, virtual reality, and augmented reality. The company started with the technology that allowed the user to type with their eyes. Their application makes life easy in various segments like retail, online education, advertisement analysis, and business expansion. Their target is to develop a faster algorithm for eye-tracking that looks at lower CPU utilization and low latency. 

SeeSo by VisualCamp

SeeSo works using Artificial Intelligence and gets classified as a Software Development Kit. The software behind this technology captures the gaze of the user. It tabulates the time, intensity, and frequency of the gaze. The camera used is the front RGB camera of any device, such as tablets, webcams, and smartphones. Eye-tracking takes down the time duration and location of where the user looks for the maximum amount of time on the screen. The information gathered analyses the user’s eye movement and their condition. 

It is also winning accolades such as the 2022 CES Honoree in the Software & Mobile Apps category and the MWC Global Mobile Awards.

Need for Eye Gaze Technology

The eye gaze technology is not a brand new invention but, its availability for the masses makes it fresh. Previous devices or machines came with heavy hardware and at high costs. SeeSo uses a lightweight algorithm for its readings and works with the inbuilt camera of your devices. The advantages of this product over any others include no requirement of heavy hardware. It works with many operating systems so that the users need not download a new OS every time. The software is convenient to use, and Visual Camp makes it user-friendly. 

Areas of Application

The primary aspect of any invention lies in its utility in the real world. SeeSo finds itself useful in many fields across the various segments. E-books are the most promising field as it enables users to turn pages and scroll down with a fixed gaze. E-books have a big market share, and they too need to improvise and offer something exclusive to their customers. This technology makes their product convenient and likable. The Medical and health care industry also stands to benefit from VisualCamp SeeSo. Various diseases show symptoms in the form of unfixed gaze or cognitive disabilities. Identifying these takes time with human eyes. However, using SeeSo helps give faster results, and therefore the patient could get the treatment sooner. 

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