K-Startup BPM Inc.’s Run-up: Newest Companion for Outdoor Workouts

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BPM Inc.’s Run-up is a wearable audio device that is designed like a trendy headband and comes with an open-ear audio technology with a direct sound system.

Traditional earphones and headphones are not suitable for long workout sessions, and they get worn off easily, and they can also get uncomfortable to wear due to sweat. To tackle all these problems, we introduced you to the Run-up, which is manufactured by Beats Per Minute (BPM). It is a wearable audio headband that lets you focus on your activities without worrying about the comfort and the headband coming off. You can use Run-up for any sports, home workouts, and running. 

Let’s take a deeper look at what Run-up offers and the company behind this fantastic device. 

Overview of BPM

BPM from Haseo University focuses on making audio hardware that has intuitive designs, stability, fit, and excellent sound quality. They specifically target consumers who are looking for headsets for their workouts or any physical activities. BPM has been testing audio hardware for 3 years, and they have introduced their Run-up headband to the Kickstarter community.

It has also been an Honoree in the CES 2022 Innovation Awards in the Headphones and Personal Audio category.

The company is also looking to develop software to enhance the experience of the hardware users of BPM. They have achieved great things with the Run-up, and it is ranked top 20 in the technology category on Kickstarter. Other than that, it is in the top five in magic ranking. BPM has successfully run its Kickstarter campaign and raised $40,000 more than the initial fund’s goal. In addition, there were 24 days left in the Kickstarter campaign.

What is BPM Run-up?

Run-up is an open-ear sports headband that provides an amazing sound that keeps you isolated from your surroundings. You can entirely focus on your task without compromising the sound quality coming out of the headset. Even during your sweaty workout sessions, Run-up won’t disappoint you. The headset is aware of its ambiance and can detect any sudden spike in the ambiance like vehicle sounds and people shouting etc.

The sound engineering of a BPM Run-up headset is a top-line for open ear headbands. The directional guide built-in in the Run-up gives direct sound waves for crispier sound. In addition, the air vent allows the headband to remove all types of unnecessary sound coming around the user.

Run-up’s Headset Design 

If you’re looking for rugged running headphones, the Run-up headband might be the way to go – sure, not everyone wants to wear headphones while working out, but the breathable construction of these wireless headphones from Run-up ensures you won’t overheat. If you like punchy bass, the Run-up can really boost your running performance through sound quality alone. This wireless sleep earphone is perfect for gym, workout, running, yoga, sports, and other outdoor activities, and can also be used as a sleep mask with Bluetooth earphones for naps indoors or in the office.

The stretchable design of the Run-up makes it a perfect fit for all shapes and sizes. Moreover, they also feel comfortable even when you wear them for a long period of time. You can listen to music for hours without any interruption and focus on your workout sessions. 

The Run-up headband is made with a high-quality material called Coolexible-fit. This material has elasticity, dry texture all around, rapid sweat absorption, and cooling. Apart from that, the headset device can be removed from the headband when you want to wash it. It is a flexibility that allows users to always have a clean and tidy headband.

The battery of the Run-up is long-lasting and has up to five hours of music playback. The battery is from Varta’s, which is known for its quality. After that, whenever the Run-up battery goes down, you can use the quick charger that is given with the headband. 10 minutes of charging will give 1 hour of battery life.


The Run-up is a promising device with a long-lasting battery and a comfortable headband design. You don’t have to use your regular headphones when you work out anymore. With a Run-up headband, you get an amazing audio experience without looking like you are even wearing a headphone.

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