5 Super-Cute Korean Gift Ideas for Christmas

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Christmas in Korea is not just about religion but also about family, friends, fun, and celebration. Even though many Koreans do not celebrate Christmas, they still like to participate in the joyful experience. Typically, Christmas is a public holiday in Korea, and people have a day off.

christmas and snow

In terms of celebrating, the Korean Christmas celebrations echo many Western traditions. It is also a day for people to go out and have fun with their friends and family. Gift-giving is not a prominent tradition; usually, each person gets only one gift. And more commonly, money is a popular present, especially for kids.

So, if you want to give someone a Korean Christmas gift, here is a list of 5 super cute Korean gift ideas!

BTS-inspired Coloring Book

Coloring books for adults have become very common because of their amazing benefits in terms of stress relief. Get that K-pop fan in your life this BTS coloring book and make this Christmas extra special for them.

colouring book korean gift idea

BT21 BTS Friends Duo Speakers

These duo Bluetooth speakers are designed in the shape of adorable BT21 characters – Speaker KOYA and Figure RJ. The speakers are portable, very cute looking, and a perfect Korean gift idea for this holiday season.

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LINE Friends Snow Water Globe

A cute snow globe home decoration with the signature LINE character design.

cute snow globe korean gift idea

Cute Panda Chopsticks

The chopsticks have a panda carving design on the upper side, making them an excellent Korean gift idea. The chopsticks come with a ceramic lazy panda design holder that looks cute. It’s perfect for someone who likes cute pandas!


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Delicious Festive Cake

You cannot celebrate Christmas without cake! Korean Christmas cakes usually are made with sponges, strawberries, and cream. It is a perfect gift idea to buy a festive-themed cake for your friends and family!

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