Nextick: Next Gen Joystick-Like 3D Mouse from Korean Startup

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Do you want to know about a joystick with multi-purpose functionalities that makes your everyday life easier and more convenient? Nextick joystick is here to start a new era, a timeline where you will use your joystick controller as a mouse. In addition, it has much more functionalities than a conventional mouse. Allow us to talk thoroughly about this comfortable high-precision controller known as Nextick.

Aidus Overview

Korean start-up company, Aidus is a technological firm that aims to create game development and controllers. The CEO of Aidus, Byung Chan Lee, founded the company in 2017. After scheduling various events for production and making seven different iterations of prototypes, Aidus has finally made its debut on Kickstarter.

The Korean startup has raised over $30,000 by crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Aidus has 235 backers, and the funding progress on Kickstarter ended in Novembar of 2021.

Nextick Joystick

Nextick is a 3D joystick controller that lets you play games and do regular mouse activities in a unique way. In addition, it also offers a macro keyboard feature that enables you to interact with your computer and applications. Nextick joystick is a combination of both mouse and a keyboard with some extras.

The company launched its product on Kickstarters and has already gotten the attention of the crowdfunding community. The early bird pledges of the special prize for a creative project start from about $100 or £80. The actual prices can vary according to the current exchange rates. However, the company offers discounts of about 27% on the retail price. Above all, Kickstarter crowdfunding is under process as well.

With Nextick joystick, you get a more sturdy and comfortable grip as compared to a regular mouse. The design language of Nextick also follows practicality. It is not designed for aesthetics but to make sure that you get the best grip. 

We have been using a regular shape mouse for all-out computer tasks, and so far, that is the norm when it comes to using a computer. However, there are some disadvantages that we never realize until there is a joystick-like Nextick. You can use Nextick like a mouse, or you can use it by hovering in the air to receive more direct controls. Surfing the web, making a presentation, multimedia, and digital paperwork, all these tasks can be done easily with Nextick. 

What is Nextick?

You can consider Nextick from the Korean startup Aidus as an alternative to a traditional computer PC mouse. It is so much more superior when it comes to day-to-day tasks that you do on your computer. First of all, the design is practical, and anyone can use it without having to go through a long learning curve. Nextick is a 3D joystick that lets you position the joystick anywhere; it doesn’t always have to be attached to a surface, just like a mouse.

Nextick joystick has macro shortcut keys that let you do specific tasks like opening a particular application or performing a specific task in games. The device has nine buttons, including macro buttons, right-click, left-click, a scrolling joystick, and a vibration control center.

The joystick scrolling button works just like the regular scroll of a mouse. You can easily scroll upwards or downwards using your thumb. With the joystick, everything is within reach of your fingers.

Another fantastic feature of Nextick is the Bluetooth vibrations that vibrate the whole joystick vibrates to give you an immersive feeling when you are playing games. In addition, the 9DoF (degrees of Freedom) fusion technology lets you move the joystick in a nice different motion and orientation.  

Do you always forget your passwords? Now you can use the macro functions of Nextick and configure commonly used phrases. As a result, you will be using this feature more effectively and conveniently. You can preset common words or phrases with macro shortcut keys and apply those things with just a click of a button.

Lastly, Nextick has an SDK free share that lets you access the whole development kit of Nextick software. With this advantage, you can do many tweaks and personalize the Nextick functionalities.


Korean startup Aidus is not afraid of taking bold steps to take its business to the next level. Their latest move with Nextick is undoubtedly full of risks. However, the product is promising, and joystick controllers are something most of us have already used but just not as a mouse. Nextick has a robust set of features, and it has the potential to be a game-changer.

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