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All You Need to Know About Korean Sheet Masks

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Korean sheet masks have become pretty common these days! They are available everywhere – beauty shops, pharmacies, supermarkets, etc. You see the advertisements claiming that you can get clear, radiant skin by using them. So, what exactly are Korean sheet masks, and do you need one in your skincare routine?

What do the sheet masks actually do?

Sheet masks serve mainly two purposes – hydration and creating a barrier over the skin so that all the ingredients of the mask are absorbed into the skin. The hydration part of the mask keeps it from getting air-dried before the soaking is complete. This way, all the essence goes into the skin and nowhere else.

Which part of the skincare routine do these sheet masks belong to?

Cleanse your face first and apply toner so your skin is clean, balanced, and fresh. After this, apply the sheet mask. After the specific waiting time, remove the mask and gently pat the skin so that all the essence goes in. To seal everything, apply moisturizer and SPF cream if needed. If you are using the sheet mask in the evening, then SPF cream is not needed.

How long is the waiting time?

After applying the sheet mask, wait for 15 – 20 minutes. Take it off before it dries completely and do not keep the mask on your face when it is dry. If it becomes dry, then the sheet mask will leech off the moisture from your skin. So, do not keep it for over 30 minutes and do not wear a sheet mask before going to sleep.

Morning or evening?

As long as you cleanse and tone before applying a sheet mask, the actual timing depends on your convenience. If you have sufficient time, then you can go for a lighter and clarifying mask in the morning and a heavier nourishing essence mask in the evening.

How frequently can you apply a Korean sheet mask?

You can use a sheet mask every day! Some people even do two sheet masks in a single day – morning and evening. It is unnecessary to do it daily or twice daily but definitely do it regularly.

Can I use the same sheet mask daily?

You can but it is better to alternate between different sheet masks. You can set an alternating schedule with hydrating sheet masks and a sheet mask with a specific purpose like brightening, pore shrinking, anti-aging, etc. Amongst the targeted sheet masks, you must find the one that your skin needs.

There are so many types of Korean sheet masks. Does the choice of material matter?

The sheet masks are made from many different materials – cotton, hydrogel, microfibre, plant fibers, and many others. Each company selects a material that works best with its chosen essence. For example, a heavier mask with more nourishing essence will not work with a thin cotton material as the mask will tear apart. So the choice is based on the essence that goes into the mask.

And if there is a choice of material in the same essence, then it becomes a personal preference. Some people like cotton masks as they are more breathable while others like hydrogel masks more as it gives a slightly cooling effect. It all comes down to what kind of sensation you like more on your face.

Any recommendations?

There are many options for different skin types and issues.

korean sheet masks

The Shangpree Sparkling Mask is one such option. It makes your skin clearer, refreshed, and brighter after its application. This ‘sparkling’ mask is an example of innovation combined with utility. It is a combination of a bubbling, wash-off mask that cleanses and rejuvenates your skin in a single step. You can feel the micro-bubbles that improve circulation and remove any grime and debris that cause blackheads.

You can check out the Top 10 Korean sheet masks here.

The Korean sheet mask secret nobody told you…

Sheet masks are designed to target specific problems or for overall rejuvenation of the skin. There are sheet masks that can target and treat every skin concern with the right set of ingredients.

Miracle ingredients for every skin concern

AcneTea Tree
Salicylic Acid
Dry Skin Hyaluronic Acid
Aloe Vera
Dull SkinVitamin C
Pores & BlackheadsCharcoal

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