10 Cute Korean Stationery Finds

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Out in the world some people like cosmetics, others adore cars while some others like to invest their money in stationery. Stationery refers to the equipment used in writing or creative artwork. This stationery could be a pencil, an eraser, a book, or any other material. While many countries manufacture stationary and have well-known brands, Korean stationery is a class apart. Koreans know the art of making any product cute and relatable. The Korean stationery from South Korea is so versatile and adorable that you will not want to buy it from elsewhere. Here are some cute Korean stationery items that stand above the rest.

Suatelier Translucent Planner Stickers

An exclusive Korean brand, Suatelier, is famous for its whimsical style and funny stickers. Ideal for embellishing books, calendars, letters, and scrapbooks, these stickers come in myriads of designs. Suatelier planner stickers are translucent so that you can see the writing under them. They are easy to write on, and the ink does not smudge. The material used to make these stickers is plastic, and one packet gives you 69 pieces. You can choose from pastel circles, triangles, bright shiny stars, and lines.

Colorverse High-Quality Fountain Pen Inks

Colorverse is a South Korean fountain pen ink manufacturer. They make inks in colors inspired by daily things and the cosmos. The colors of the inks are bright, and they come in a pack of two. Both bottles come with colors that are opposite of the color card. They make all their products of plant-based sources and give natural shades. The colors come in 6 series: Glistening, Joy In The Ordinary Office, The Wisdom Of Trees, Space, And Special Editions. The packaging is fun and attractive, and the inks work well with a good fountain pen.

Morning Glory Pro Mach Rollerball Pen

Morning Glory is a stationery brand that is not only famous in Korea but worldwide. They make stationery that is good for school-going children. The designs are ideal for students, and this brand is not high on price. The Pro Mack Pen is stylish by design. It comes with an ink window that allows the user to refill the pen before it runs dry. The cap is transparent, and it has a metallic tip with a rollerball. This pen does not spoil the handwriting of the user. It is ideal for taking notes in class, drawing straight lines, and tracing pictures. This product comes in red, black and blue colors.

Kakao Talk Friends Flat Pencil Case Multi 

The Kakao Talk stationery keeps in mind the Kakao Talk emoticons. Thousands of Koreans daily use these emoticons, and hence are the users are familiar with them. It showcases six friends, all based on different animals. The Little Ryan zip pouch is an adorable stationery item to store your pencils, pens, and evens money. They make it with PVC and have a 4.5 out of 5 ratings on amazon. The zipper on the pouch is smooth to operate and does not break easily. Buy a case with a character that suits your personality and flaunt it in front of your friends.

cute korean stationery

Livework Twin Pen Double-Sided Marker 

Livework is a Korean brand that makes stationery products focusing on work and life around it. They use pastel colors that can brighten the dullest of your days. The chisel markers by Livework come with two-sided tips. One side has a fine nib, with which you can mark important dates or make notes in your textbook. The other side has a chiseled nib, which works as a marker. The eye-catching aspect of this cute Korean stationery product is that both sides have different colors lie on opposite sides on the shade card. For example, pink comes with Blue-green, Orange with Blue, Yellow with purple, Mint with Rose Pink, and sky blue with grey.

Monami Rein Fountain Pen – Rosebay Colour

Monami is an iconic brand in South Korea. This company is an expert at making fountain pens and started doing so in 1960. Both youngsters and adults associate with their Fountain Pens, and they work as a hand down. Their Rein collection is ideal for beginners and people who admire the working of a Fountain Pen. They make the body of this pen with plastic- material, while the nib with steel. This Fountain pen has a transparent body, and one can see the flow of ink when in use. They make the cap with light-colored plastic material, and the nib is visible when the lid closes. The Rosebay pen is cute as it has a light blue body and a rose-colored cap.

cute korean stationery

Dong-A Miffy Scented Gel Pen 

South Korea has another brand that makes unique pencils and pens. They call this one Dong-A Pencil Co. Ltd., and it is famous for its scented Gel Pens. Collaborating with an artist, Dick Bruna, from the Netherlands, Dong-A has come up with the Dong-A Miffy Gel Pen line for his character Miffy. The cute bunny named Miffy adorns the packet of the gel pens that comes in 10shades. These pens have sturdy tips and smooth grip sections. Each Gel Pen has the character Miffy printed on it. They are a popular favorite amongst children and allow them to explore with the multiple colors available.

Iconic 2 Way Marker Pen 

Students and scholars use marker pens as much as they use writing pens. Iconic from South kores bring 2-way markers that will decorate your textbooks, and their colors will make your creativity flow. These Korean stationery items have a fine tip at one end and a chiseled tip at the other end. The plus point of these markers is that they have the same color at both ends of a pen. Hence you could write with one end and highlight with the other end. These pens come in a set of five and have colors like cloudy blue, mustard yellow, warm grey, brownie pink, and pale vermilion. The set with this color combination is called the Retro set.

cute korean stationery

Morris Pastel Retractable Highlighter 

The retractable highlighter is an intelligent device that prevents the ink from drying by pulling the nib up. You do not have to worry about losing the cap of the highlighter anymore. Made by the pen experts Morris, this set of 6 has soft pastel-colored ink. You can extend the tip with a single click on the top of the highlighter. It even has a locking clip that prevents the nib from opening at unwanted places, like your pouch. To prevent the ink from drying out, Morris introduces a specially designed ball valve in the highlighters. They make the body of this highlighter with plastic.

Suatelier Planner Index Tabs 

The Index tab is another exquisite cute Korean stationery item from the Brand Suatelier. They make them with Nylon, and they come in black and silver colors. The silver ones are blank, while the black ones shave either months or numbers written on them. With these stickers, you can easily convert a simple notebook into a planner. They are elegant and make your notebook stand out. You can even use them in your textbooks and segregate them depending on months or days.

cute korean stationery
In the end!

Good quality stationery is a must for every child as they learn and explore the world around them. Adding cuteness to quality is a special of Korean stationery brands. The above brands make one-of-a-kind stationery. These Korean brands also assure that their product has a recall value. School-going children and many adults adore the cute prints on Korean stationery. If you have not invested in Korean stationery, now is the time to go shopping and get some of this lovely stuff.  

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