Korean Pet Care Robot PEDDY To Relieve Pets’ Depression During COVID-19

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To relieve pets’ depression, Guru IoT, an IoT products developer from Korea, has launched a pet care robot PEDDY!

With the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing and showing no signs of going away, people are suffering from depression. It’s the same for your pets that are also stuck at home most of the time. Just like there are several solutions to relieve people’s depression and stress, there are products that can relieve the stress of your favorite companion animals who can’t go out as much as before.

pet care robot peddy

PEDDY – A Companion Pet Care Robot

PEDDY, the pet care robot from Guru IoT, can play with your pet, keep an eye so that it doesn’t get into any accidents, and relieve the loneliness of pets left alone at home. It also provides food to the pet at preset time intervals.

PEDDY needs a smartphone that connects with the robot just by placing it on the bot. It makes a connection through an app.

The pet care robot comes with technology that is custom-tailored to the needs of any pet. The idea came together with the need to recycle old smartphones and relieve the loneliness of pets left alone at home.

Video Calls with Your Pets

You can even talk to your pet with the smartphone’s video screen whenever you are away from the home and your pet. Unlike most other pet care devices, it gives you the option of showing your face as you talk to your pets. This way, they feel less anxious.

You can even capture their antics as a keepsake while you are away from home.

Timed Preset Feeder

You can set up the mealtime for your pet on PEDDY so that it will feed your companion pets with set quantities of food. It will ensure that they get a balanced diet and stay healthy!

Emergency Notifications

There are temperature and humidity sensors on the robot, which helps in case of any emergency. It also has a noise sensor that detects any abnormal conditions and informs the user in real-time.

PEDDY Plays Hide-And-Seek

PEDDY can play hide-and-seek with your companion pet while the owners are away from home. It uses the IoT sensor for almost all of its activities.

Play Customized Content to Overcome Depression

As your pet stays alone for a long time, they can feel depressed without you around and unable to go outside. To help overcome this sad depressing state, PEDDY can provide entertainment that will calm their mind down. It can play videos or music content that your companion animal enjoys.

pet care robot peddy


PEDDY requires two smartphones – one as a HOST phone that stays on PEDDY and the other as a USER phone that’s with the user. Currently, the HOST phone needs an Android OS while the USER phone can be either Android or iOS.

The company believes in upcycling unused smartphones by adding new value! So, next time you are thinking of recycling, think of buying a PEDDY to keep your pet company!

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