Sleep Better with T-Pillow: Innovation in Relaxation by TEGWAY Co. Ltd

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Experience a new era of sleep comfort with T-Pillow. Explore TEGWAY’s groundbreaking, innovative, and smart sleep aid, the temperature-controlled pillow, that cools, heats, and even massages for optimal rest.

It’s undeniable that people often struggle to get high-quality sleep. Unsatisfied sleeping experience happens due to cold, heat, and body pain. A night full of sweat or a night full of shivering is both a terrible experience. This is why T-Pillow is here to give you the relaxation you deserve. T-Pillow offers relaxation by providing the ideal sleeping temperature and a soothing massage.

Overview of TEGWAY Co. Ltd. 

Established in 2014, TEGWAY is a South Korean company specializing in making applications from FTED or flexible thermoelectric devices. Simply put, thermoelectric devices (TED) offer intuitive cooling, heating, and electricity generation. However, the drawback of TED is its hard nature which is not ideal for putting it in a cushioning product like a pillow. Consequently, TEGWAY has invented its unique flexible thermoelectric devices.

FTEDs are flexible and light, perfectly suitable for putting in pillows and other cushioning things. They are in high demand, and TEGWAY leads the wave with FTED. Their T-Pillow is a perfect example of what FTED can achieve if the implementations are correct. TEGWAY creates products that have all the features of TED but also at the convenience of the flexible, light, and thin nature that FTED offers. 

This intuitive design with compelling hardware has led T-Pillow to receive an honoree for CES 2022 in Health & Wellness category. TEGWAY Co. Ltd. pioneered the introduction of products in the hot and cold appliance sector.

The company’s headquarters is in Daejeon, Korea, and its president is Kim. Kang Hee. With a team of around 50 employees, TEGWAY ships the T-Pillow worldwide via ocean freight.

Currently, TEGWAY holds 90 plus intellectual property rights, including trademarks and patents. In addition to being a CES honoree, TEGWAY has also garnered prestigious accolades, such as the UNESCO Netexplo Award, The African Development Bank Award, and the Seoul VR/AR Device Award. The company aims to collaborate with more major corporations dominant in other fields like automobile, wearables, gaming market, etc.

What is T-Pillow?

Traditional pillows provide comfort to the extent that many people are satisfied with them. However, the advancement of technology has led to a whole new level of relaxation and utilization with the launch of T-Pillow. During the hot summer season, people suffer from sweating at night, and during winter, people cannot sleep due to coldness. As such, TEGWAY Co. Ltd. aims to address these issues with its innovative smart T-Pillow.

T-Pillow is a temperature-controlled pillow with all the functionalities of a conventional pillow but multiple features up its sleeves. It can do cooling, heating, and massaging all from the surface of the T-pillow. The user only needs to put their head on the temperature-controlled pillow, and the T-pillow will take care of the Rest. 

The product provides a cooling and heating feature with an adjustable temperature that allows users to create the desired environment. As a result, they will get better sleep and get more energy out of the quality of their sleep. 

T-pillow’s flexible thermoelectric device (FTED) offers quick temperature adjustments. For instance, if the user can increase or decrease the temperature, the effect will occur immediately. The thermoelectric device is personalized and developed by TEGWAY Co. Ltd. specifically for the innovative smart T-Pillow. FTED is an electronic module that is thin, light, and flexible, and it is an electronic application that supplies cooling and heating functionalities. 

The range of T-Pillow’s temperature is from 5 degrees to 43 degrees Celsius, which is entirely adequate for all humans worldwide. Other than that, the massaging feature of the temperature-controlled T-pillow is possible due to the installation of massage pins. Users can enjoy soothing massage sessions that will relieve their head and neck. In addition, the massage will also help many users sleep more quickly.  


T-Pillow is a powerful smart and innovative device that can improve your sleeping schedule and make sleeping interesting. The massaging feature will give you a terrific experience, putting you to sleep in a few minutes. After that, the cooling/heating feature will keep you in a deep sleep all night.

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