Petdoc – The Best Place to Book a Vet Consultation for Your Pet in Korea

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Petdoc is a Korean startup that will help pet owners to find the best vet consultation in Seoul for their furry companions.

The pet-care market in South Korea shows growth. More people now seek emotional and mental support for their furry friends. While pets bring a lot of joy into your world, they also need special care. People who specialize in looking after animals have the term vet allocated to them. Under normal circumstances, you can locate a vet. But you may struggle to get hold of a good vet during an emergency. A company in South Korea identified this gap, and Petdoc came to life in 2015.

What is Petdoc?

Petdoc, as the name suggests, is a platform that brings together pet owners and animal doctors. As a pet parent, you can get a consultation in real-time from the vets available on this portal and get solutions to any problems your pets may encounter. This portal amalgamates cutting-edge technology with the availability of experts from the animal medical industry. You can find these doctors at all times, and it is your ideal place to log into for any pet-related emergency. The website offers a lot of information related to pet food and other such topics. This origination comes with the backing of the Seoul Veterinary Medical Association and the Korea Animal Hospital Association.

What services does Petdoc provide?

Petdoc connects pet owners to approximately 3200 clinics that specialize in animal care. Besides consultation assistance, this portal and mobile app allow users to shop for pet brushes, food, and almost all pet-related items. Dogs need a lot of training, and every breed of dog adapts to different methods of teaching. If your dog does not behave as well as your neighbors’ pet, it could mean you need some help with its training routine. Petdoc comes to your rescue in this situation as you can consult expert coaches on this app and get advice. They create specially curated regimes for your pet. Apart from helping with your pet’s growth and development, Petdoc also stays by your side during their death. They provide funeral-related services and assistance during such a hard time. Another one of its business services includes allowing brands to advertise on its portal. With a massive community, the advertised brand gains sure-shot buyers.

What does the future hold for Petdoc?

This organization already holds 98% of the market share of vet clinics in Seoul. This number is the largest in its category, and Petdoc aims to increase its collaboration with vets so that more people find them when needed. This app is not just a place people go to for vets, but over the years, it has developed into a community where pet-owners discuss their problems and seek advice from others. Seungyong Choi, its founder, wants no parent to lose their pet’s life because of a sudden illness, for which they could not get to a doctor. His compassion and desire to help, has propelled this company towards success.

In the End!

With a double-digit rise in the Korean pet-care industry, companies like Petdoc stand to benefit. Research shows that shortly, one in every three houses will own a pet. This report came out in 2017 from Gallup Korea and the Korean Pet food Association. If you own a pet, then head to Petdoc for all your problems. In return, you will gift your little friends a happy and healthy life. 

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