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Pets bring wholesomeness and joy to life. Even if you have a rough day, coming home to your cuddly friend calms down the nerves. Their love knows no bounds, and from the moment they step foot in your home, they trust you blindly. But your pets also need care and looking after. In your fast-paced life, it sometimes becomes impossible to give them their due attention. One Korean company saw this problem and consolidated the solution to all your pet’s needs under one roof. The Pet Friends website has everything you and your furry friend will love.

History of Pet Friends

Pet Friends is a website and mobile-based app that combines all needs of a per owner and provides optimum solutions. The landing page of the website exudes cuteness which is symbolic of Korean pets. It gives you the option to search for your product in a search bar on the main page itself. They make the app compatible with Google-based and Android-based devices. What keeps them above the competition is their commitment to delivering the ordered items within 1 hour. Pet Friends is the largest online retailer for pet products in the local market.

Pet Friends Services and Product Collection

The company saw the light of day in 2016. It was this time when the gap in the pet care market widened. With rigorous planning and local area knowledge, this company incorporated innovative logistics to provide essentials to the pet owner. It works on a sustainable delivery system that allows the company to reach the owner within an hour of placing their order. They have everything from a harness to toilet bags for your furry friends. You could shop for vitamins or emergency medicines here as well. They keep all types of dog food, and you can find almost every brand here. If you wish to travel and need a mobile cage for your pet, this app is the place to search. Their products come with a durability guarantee. The website and app come up with seasonal discounts as well. 

Future of Pet Friends 

Having given over five successful years in the Korean market, the company CEO, Kim Chang-won, decided to sell its majority shares to IMM Private Equity and GS Retail. Together these two companies now own 95% share in Pet Friends, with the original owners keeping just 5% for themselves. While GS Retail now owns 30% of this division, IMM Private Equity has 65% to its name. This company has shown exponential growth since its inception in 2016. In 2020 it saw annual revenue of 40 Won Billion, and the projected figure for 2021 is close to 60 billion Won.

In the End!

With the pet care industry rising in South Korea, the value of this company increases hourly. Pet Friends hold the top position in its segment. With the push from a retail giant like IMM Private Equity, its sales will surely rise exponentially. In South Korea, the entire E-commerce industry has seen an exponential rise, and pet Friends are also going with the flow. Their products are a class apart, and they do not have a negative service review in their name. If you own pets, make this your go-to shop for the best products for the smallest member of your family.

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