SONON by Healcerion: Affordable Ultrasound Device from Korea

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SONON is an affordable and portable ultrasound device by a Korean startup Healcerion that connects to your phones through Android and iOS apps.

South Korea stands at the pinnacle of technological advancements in the field of medicine. Their research-based tech has given the world many IoT devices that make the life of medical techniques easy. One such product is the SONON that comes from the company called Healcerion. This company saw a gap in the market with no portable and affordable ultrasound machine. Read more about Healcerion and what makes SONON the most sought-after device of the present day. 

Who is Healcerion?

Healcerion is a medical device company founded by Dr. Benjamin Ryu. He holds a doctorate in medicine himself. As his first love resides in technology, he vouched to combine both and create something extraordinary for people. In terms of technology, his main interest lies in the smartphone. He wants people to give every individual the feasibility of using their phones for medical scans, reports, emails, and anything related to medicine. Thus in 2012, he offered his product called SONON. It is an ultrasound device that can sync with your mobile phone. 

Why an Ultrasound Machine?

While there could have been many devices to select from, Dr. Ryu noticed the gap in the market was extremely large for this particular device. The machines used by skilled technicians are expensive for every person and extremely heavy. It is not easy to port this machine from one place to another. The last point that struck him was that an expected couple needs to use this machine more than a regular individual. Visiting the hospital every time may become incontinent after a few months for the mother. But, that is the only place where an ultrasound can take place. He, therefore, came up with the idea of an affordable, portable, and fast device that doctors can use anywhere. It gets synced to an app, and they immediately get results and do not have to wait for a technician to read them. 

What about SONON?

The SONON is a handheld, wireless ultrasound device. It comes in two variants: SONON 300C and the SONON 300L. The first one gets manufactured for conducting ultrasound only and comes with a convex probe. This probe gives accurate sonograph reading needed by pregnant ladies. The second machine is for MSK exams only. Both the devices work well with the app known as the SONON Ultrasound imaging system. Once the scan gets done, this app immediately analysis the results. FDA and CE approved this machine and termed it safe and effective for use.

This device is ideal for people who need to visit a doctor frequently for an ultrasound. In remote areas, there is either no machine or just one machine. Performing effective ultrasounds on many individuals takes time. With this machine, the results are fast. Hence more people can be treated. In an emergency, the SONON will allow the doctor to come to the patient and not the other way around.  

A severe disease that requires imaging is pneumonia. If a person suffers from it, they need lung scans for proper diagnosis and medication. However, CT scans machines are large, and not every hospital has one. The SONON effectively gives accurate images of the lung through its ultrasound technology. Because the SONON is a handheld and wireless device, it can hover around the entire lung capacity from the outside and give accurate images. The results come out faster than a standard machine, and hence the patients get the proper medication. 

The SONON proves its worth in the COVID-19 crises that started in 2019. As pneumonia is one of the signs of this disease, SONON came in handy for screening people. The medical fraternity could identify potential patients and separate them from the crowds with prompt results. It helped prevent the spread of the deadly virus and saved millions of lives. Initially, this device was only available in South Korea. But, because of the increase in demand, they now ship to more than 40 countries.

In the End!

This machine comes at the right time as a savior to the world. It aims to protect unborn life from any dangers. Its use for the COVID-19 screen has also made it a mandatory device across the globe. SONON comes as a radiation-free, safe, portable, and affordable device, making it the most sought-after tool in the medical field.

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