Soldoc: A Healthcare Platform That’s Your Personal Body Care Expert

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Korean startup Soldoc provides remote healthcare services with zero contact for various ailments related to skin, body, and more.

We’ve all been there: unstoppable hair fall, constant breakouts and skin issues galore. But South Koreans seemed to have unlocked the secret to a perpetually flawless appearance.

When we think of K-beauty, we instantly think of porcelain-smooth skin, no blemishes, perfect hair; there’s really no end to their collectively mesmerizing auras. But, like most things inexplicable, there’s a definite method to the madness. 

K-beauty standards are the result of a culture of self-care. 96% of all Koreans believe daily skincare to be an essential activity. Koreans are dedicated to looking like their best possible versions at all times. And believe it or not, healthcare has a huge role to play in K-beauty. After all, what is skincare if not healthcare for your skin? The same extends to your entire external physiology. 

But how can you tell what is perfect for YOU? Well, you don’t have to: Soldoc does that for you.

From “E-Care” to Healthcare: Soldoc’s Origins

Min-Seung Kim, the CEO of Soldoc, has had a decorated career in business. He was a strategic financial planner for POSCO Worldwide, South Korea’s biggest steel enterprise, for 5 years. 

He was also a key figure in Samsung Electronics’ community division, driving the company towards a new, community-building model of business that since became their core strategy; just take a look at BESPOKE. So, when Kim left Samsung, it wasn’t the beginning of the end; it was the end of an era and the start of another. He started Eye Care Doctor Co. Ltd. 

In 2018 with former physician Lee Ho-ik as an integrated platform to provide quality healthcare products to consumers. Affiliate eye and hair care concern AME & DND attempt to address ocular as well as hair-related issues through a range of medically-curated consumables. With Soldoc, Kim is attempting to change the landscape of body care.

Soldoc: Your Sincere, 0-Contact Physician

COVID-19 has made all of us realize something: there aren’t enough doctors, and there isn’t enough access to medical services in the world. This holds especially true for remote areas where healthcare itself is scarce. Keeping in mind the fact that the world is getting more connected than ever, Min-Seung Kim unveiled Soldoc in March 2021 as an online healthcare forum. 

Soldoc stands for “Sincere Physician”, and its services live up to the name. How it works is rather simple: you register, fill in the required details and get your prescription based on a physician’s diagnosis. 

Soldoc is a boon for individual users and B2B communication, as it acts as an accurate and adequate database for remote hospitals and clinics. More than that, though, its strength lies in its user-based functionality.

Healthcare’s Next Telemedical Avatar: Soldoc

KakaoTalk is South Korea’s largest messaging app. 93% of South Korean smartphone owners use the app. It has a registered user base of 220 million. Soldoc has modeled its functionality around this app’s features. 

Soldoc’s services are three-pronged. Its primary focus is on telemedicine. A user can download Soldoc as an add-on from KakaoTalk Plus Friend if they are in need of telemedical services. This enables them to use Kakao Discuss. From there, they can schedule their therapy sessions with Soldoc’s ever-growing team of professional physicians (currently there are 20). 

After conducting the therapy session, the consulting physician draws up a prescription and sends it to the pharmacy of their choice. Users need to simply acknowledge their prescriptions and make themselves visible as the receivers of the medication to receive accurate treatment. Soldoc doesn’t just stop there. 

The second prong is Soldoc’s customized range of body care products created after extensive R&D efforts. Each product is designed to help patients receive the best treatment possible. 

The third, and possibly the most important prong, is the community portal. Soldoc Talk is a feature that encourages building a shared community. A quick visit to their website shows that Soldoc believes in creating a valuable experience for their users as they know how important their services are. This community has content that help users make informed choices, review sections for Soldoc products, general discussion forums and more. It brings together people going through the same issues and gives them a safe space to communicate with others.  

Soldoc is Helping Dhape the Future of Medicine

Currently, Soldoc addresses three distinct types of medical issues: skin, hair, and sexual dysfunction. While these areas are a common point of interest for the general populace, the platform aims to integrate more specific ailments and syndromes in its treatment module. 

Soldoc has been selected as a key funding initiative by Incheon’s investors. With an initial seed investment of 200 million KRW, Soldoc is well-positioned to bring its unique and personalized services to the world at large. Soldoc is your futuristic body care expert.

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