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Star Secret Korea: The Best K-Beauty Content Platform by K-Startup Seoul Unniedeul

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Seoul Unniedeul Star Secret Korea Platform is an e-commerce platform with trusted customer-centric content bringing domestic K-beauty brands into Myanmar.

One of the fastest-growing industries is that of Korean Beauty. Two things fueling the growth of this segment include the self-awareness of consumers towards skincare and the availability of technologically advanced K-beauty products. The demand is evident from reports claiming this industry will touch the 13.9 million mark in 2027. The products and content apps and websites have also gained from the popularity of Korean Beauty. Star Secret Korea is one such platform that makes like-minded fans interact and buy their favorite products.

Seoul Unniedeul

Seoul Unniedeul is behind the famous and unique platform Start Secrets Korea in Myanmar. The company came to life in 2018 when SSK got launched. In the same year, they opened an offline showroom in Yangon, and the company Seoul Unniedeul got formed. 2019 saw the company win many awards and enter the¬†Lotte Accelerator’s L-camp. It collaborated with the Lotte Home Shopping space and made its presence public. In 2020 SSK got the renewal of its online mall, and its Facebook users surpassed the 90,000 marks. It was only in¬†July 2020¬†that the Star Secret Korea app got launched. They now provide excellent customer service and even came up with a cash-on-delivery option.¬†

Seoul Unniedeul‘s Star Secret Korea Platform

The¬†Star Secret Korea¬†platform brings beauty and skincare closer to the people in Myanmar. While it originates in Seoul, it targets the Burmese people as the founders realized the need in that market. The platform showcases neatly divided categories for skincare. The next column allows you to search based on the brands, placed alphabetically. Lastly, the drop-down will enable you to access their community section. It is here that you find the editor’s picks and reviews part.¬†

The App provides a seamless space to buy the required products best suited for your skincare and makeup routine. The platform has many premium quality Korean brands like Lineage, Innisfree, and Banila Co, partnering with it. You get the option to create your page on the website or App and then track your beauty progress here. 

The products with discounts flash on the landing page of the App and website. You can select from a plethora of brands and build your routine. As you go forward, you will find yourself going through the products that the editors pick out for you. These could include products for a specific skin type or a particular season. Not only this, but you can also give and receive reviews for every product sold on this page. They encourage their fans to write reviews for the purchased products, and this action allows their users to get first-hand information about them. With many blogs from the editors that talk about beauty and skin issues, you will find solace in knowing that more people face bad skin days like you. They talk about the problems and their solution, and you get something to take away from every read. 

One of the best parts of this platform is its notice page, where you promptly get information about any upcoming events. Writing well-researched and frequent reviews could win you the coveted crown of the monthly review queen. Making your way through this platform is easy, and its pink color feels inviting. 

seoul unniedeul
In the End!

Star Secret Korea by Seoul Unniedeul is a much-needed platform that lets people make thoughtful choices about their skincare. Their offerings come as a breath of fresh air in the Burmese market. You can buy the best of products here and create your own style. They make sure that the language gets customized to the target market’s needs. The company has plans to expand in the ASEAN market via Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube videos in English.

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