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LOTTE Chocolates to Satisfy The Chocolate Craving This Holiday Season

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With the holiday season just around the corner, it is time to satisfy the sweet tooth and indulge in some delicious Lotte chocolates from Korea!

Lotte is a global conglomerate founded by Shin Kyuk-Ho in Tokyo in 1948. In 1967, he expanded the company and brought it back to his home country, South Korea. At the same time, he founded Lotte Confectionery. It is the third-largest chewing gum manufacturer in the world.

At the moment, Lotte holds 60 businesses and over 60,000 employees. These businesses include a diverse range of portfolios โ€“ fast food, retail, confectionery, electronics, hotel, entertainment, and many more.

Lotte Confectionery is famous worldwide, and its line-up includes different gums, biscuits, chocolates, and candies. You must know of the brand from its popular favorites like Spearmint, Ghana Chocolate, and Juicy Fresh. The famous anti-tooth decay gum, Xylitol, is also a Lotte product. Pepero is another peopleโ€™s favorite, a stick biscuit dipped in chocolate.

Here are some of the Lotte chocolates that youโ€™re gonna love!

Ghana Chocolate

Made from Ghanaian cacao beans and whole milk, which gives this chocolate a rich, soft flavor. It comes in different variations โ€“ Ghana Mild, Ghana Milk, Ghana Black, Ghana Premium, Ghana Premium Milk. Ghana Fondue, and Ghana Gold Label.


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One of the most beloved Korean snacks! Essentially a stick biscuit dipped in chocolate. And just like Ghana Chocolate, there are so many variations to choose from โ€“ Chocolate, Almond, Nude, Peanut, Strawberry, and White Cookie.


This is crunchy chocolate with a crispy rice puff inside. An upgrade to a simple rice puff snack with mild chocolate flavor and all the crispy texture that youโ€™ve come to love about rice puffs.


A healthy chocolate option for the health-conscious! This is a sunflower seed-looking chocolate ball made with healthy sunflower seeds.

ABC Chocolate

A bar of educational chocolate with each piece carved with a letter. And the pieces are perfectly bite-sized so that you can share them easily! Two flavors in this one โ€“ ABC Choco and ABC Almond Crunchy for those who love some crunch in their chocolates.

Dream Cacao

It is polyphenol-rich high-content cacao. You can enjoy the rich flavor and fragrance of ground supreme Arabica coffee beans and Turkish hazelnuts.


It is a smart chocolate biscuit that simultaneously delivers rich chocolate and the crunchiness of biscuits. It has a biscuit on one side and chocolate on the other.

Stone Age

A bar of fun chocolate shaped like bumpy stones from the stone age! The chocolate coating does not melt, so it never gets messy.

lotte chocolates

Almond Chocoballs

Crunchy roasted almonds coated with chocolate gives you a sweet, nutty sensation.


It is the Lotte version of the finest Belgian chocolates. There are many GuyLian chocolates, such as Supreme Belgium chocolate, Praline Twistwraps, and Praline.

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