HandyRay – Laser Blood Collector from Korea

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HnadyRay is an innovative laser device for blood collection from a Korean medical company, LaMeditech. It can take capillary blood without the requirement of a needle. It makes the blood collection comfortable, safe, and a low pain option for capillary blood samples. There are zero risks of cross-infection, and it can result in fast regeneration of the skin.

HandyRay Blood Collectors

There are two types of HandyRay devices – Personal Laser Blood Collector and Professional Laser Blood Collector.

HandyRay-Lite (LMT-1000)

Laser HandyRay-Lite is a personal laser blood collector that can collect capillary blood. It is a needle-less device with portability options, smaller units, and much lighter. It has a reduced price and is suited for personal use.

HandyRay (LMT-3000)

A device that offers comfortable and safe blood collection with no pain and no risk of cross-infection.

HandyRay (LMT-3000)

HandyRay (LMT-5000)

HandyRay-Pro (LMT-5000) is a professional device that can work in hospitals and medical centers as a tool to collect capillary blood. The user convenience is enhanced as it has improved laser charging speed and charging cradle. It has the same laser blood collection tube as HandyRay.

HandyRay (LMT-5000)

How Does it Work?

The laser blood collection device works on the principle of laser generating high energy that can make a small hole for blood collection. It is a safe YAG laser that generates high energy when the laser get in contact with the skin. This high energy can ablate the skin and make a hole in small time. It takes less than 1/10000 second and its almost pain-free.

laser blood collector

Advantages of Using Laser Blood Collector

There are several advantages of using the HandyRay laser blood collector. Here are a few of them:

  • Low pain during sample collection
  • No requirement of needles
  • zero risks of secondary infection
  • fast skin regeneration
  • reduced environmental pollution as there is zero medical consumable waste
  • can be used with other medical devices
  • safe laser source that complies with international safety standard for the laser
  • the blood collection process is hygienic as laser disinfects the skin

As the blood collector device can extract capillary blood, it can work with other POCT (point of care testing) devices like kits for measuring glucose levels. It can even be used in conjunction with COVID-19 rapid testing kits. It will certainly make POCT safer and convenient.

About LaMeditech:

LaMeditech is a Korean bio medical company committed to the advancement of medical, beauty and veterinary devices based on their globally innovative laser technology. Their main goal is to aid both humans and animals through continuous development and technological breakthroughs.

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